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  1. Can the whipped up egg-whites be preserved in any way? Somehow, I think whipping up egg whites everynight might really make my fore-arms a bit too big .. and I think I already get enough fore-arm exercise. Yup.
  2. That isn't true. I have been on accutane twice, second time around it didn't work as well. The thing with accutane is from my experience, once you have been on it, the only topicals that work on your skin afterwards are retinoids.
  3. I see absolutely no cystic acne whatsoever, are you sure Accutane was the right choice? Retin-A would clear you in 6 weeks i rate.
  4. My advice to you is simple, enjoy her company, every moment of it. Do not over-analyze, just live in the moment.
  5. Try the Maximuscle line of products, they are virtually lactose free and don't taste that bad at all.
  6. Great link dodgy skin! I've bookmarked that one!
  7. Good price on a parasite cleasing kit for people in the UK. http://www.organicnutrition.co.uk/products...blackwalnut.htm
  8. For what it's worth, I received an email from http://www.sunrisefarms.org saying that their CB and GCG formulations are identical to those at sensiblehealth.com. Would it be advisable to order the herbs from this place?
  9. Did anyone follow the rules and perform a parasite cleanse before the liver cleanse? Is this vital? :-k
  10. I am really psyched up for this liver cleanse. I have been on Accutane twice so far with not very good results. On the whole the redness/pigment of my face has increased since being on Accutane and has never gone away. All this with terrible hyperpigmentation and continued acne. I'm just up north in Glasgow, you are welcome anytime for a night out /
  11. Thanks so much Maya / (although I do realise that post was directed towards Tracy)
  12. Are all these products effectively the same thing marketed under different brand names?
  13. I want to but I'm apprehensive. Could you PM me the "dummy's guid to flushing" so I know what I need to get and the timeframe I need to do it by cause I'm overwhelmed and can't seem to comprehend everything on that "acne vs. whatever...." thread.