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  1. bahahahahahahahahha fuck acne this course is goin ten times better side effects not as bad and acne disapeared in one month it took 3 my last course ...so hopefully the next 4 and a half months will b pimple free....my confidence is through the roof ...i can go out and have fun and talk to girl without worrying about them lookin at my face they look in my eyes and my smile and .....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cant say enough it would take pages upon pages....i hope everyone can free there selves form acn
  2. canadadrugs online check it out its half as cheap as anything 575 in america for 60 40 mg tabs....i pay 275 from canada jus get ur percription sent there check it out let me kno if u need any help also im gettin the name brand accutane ...so yea its worth it
  3. kallie where do u find this aquaphor ...everyone talks about it just have never seen it.....? so its day 21 and im really dry around my mouth area and where my pimples were and the some that are still there are..the biggest hugest zit popped up it was a cyst for like 2 days then it came to the biggest white head ive ever seen i was like daaaaaamn....i had to pop it this morning had no choice i wasnt gonna walk around today with a lil alien protruding from my face it looked like it could talk to
  4. day 19 and its gooooooooooin good all my spots are dryin up maybe a couple new ones but they seem like they come and go really quick .....dry lips thats it woootie wootie
  5. julybaby lol ur a goof ball but its cute ...scrubs is the shit though...im on day 15 ur on day 11 pretty close together ...im sure this will do the trick .....what dose are u on? and how long will u be on it...im sure u will b so happy with the results within a few weeks/months ...and about guys most of em are all dogs lol trust me i use to be ...but it only gets u so far ....it only gets u layed i should say ...other than that u cant find love in playin games ......hope everythin is goin great
  6. lookin great kim.....how many months are u on the drug for ...i think i goin for 6 months on the same dose it was only 4 the first course....im glad to hear its goin well im only on day 15 and it seems like this time around it is starting to clear up alot quicker...and the initial breakout waste half as bad as the first course...keep in touch u look beautiful ..my wishes and prayers are with u!!!!!!
  7. DAY 15 ...so its weird but its seems like i have no more cystic acne forming at all a few little bumps come and go within 2-3 days there gone...but all the cysts that i had when i started are deminished down to almost nothing...its great ...so if my acne is already starting to cleart up and i have 5 mor months left im hoping this one will do the trick cuz it took 3 months before i started completely clearing on my first course....plus i just got a new girlfriend..so im pretty pumped about that .
  8. day 13 well pimples come and go quickly now so i hope things are looking good as of that....and about the shaving i jus decided to take baths now...it seems like if i shave and then i jus soak in the bath and sink my head under the water a couple times it helps...plus lots of moisturizer when i get out...i wish i could b half way through the course already .....and have awsome skin but it will b here in no time ...i was also reading about a new type of accutane that is spose to b way better than
  9. day 12 ..all the bumps i use to have are starting to fade a few new popped up but i think the second course is gonna b alot better .....the lips though fuuuuck i hate it every 10 minutes im applying chap stick ...but its so worth it not to have acne ...hope everyones accutane experience is a good one ....keep in touch u fuckas ..will post pics sometime soon .......peace
  10. jus was wondering cuz this month is a big month with festivaties and stuff wann b as clear as possible
  11. is there anyone that knows any special cream to use while on accutane ...i kno its gonna burn like crazy when i shave cuz my skin is so dry if anyone can help get back at me
  12. good luck melissa ....ur a beautiful girl ...i started my course oct 1st.....so theres qwite a few people that are just starting there course...im sure everything will go great and once ur skin is clear we can never look back and only look to the future ...ur only as happy as u make ur self so live life to the fullest ...thats what i do keep in touch ...check out my log peace
  13. day 6 starting to get the initial break out nothing to major ..but 5 or 6 tender bumps popped up within the last 2 days ...but the ones i had before my course are starting to dry up ad go away..........only side effects are pretty much just the dry lips and dry skin but its only week one so i figured i will get a lot dryer than i am now by the end of the month.. i love this website it keeps me motivated in all the other people tryin to fight there acne and it makes me feel not alone cuz somet
  14. im day 6 in my second round just wanted to kno if its gonna be a shorter IB this time damn i hated the last one it was like a month long
  15. sounds legit....here it goes ...well basicaly the only thing that cures cystic acne is accutane ...i had cystic acne and it suckd....and i always worried about it cuz my girlfriend was so beautiful and i thought she would leave me eventually for someone better ...but like u she told me that wasnt the case ...after i lost my acne is when we actually broke up ....but just tell him to see a derm...once he does somthing about it he will feel like a million times better...because of how big the piple