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  1. I've read on the site before that people have used baking soda paste in this respect, however, my understanding was that because it is granular, it exfoliates well when used like a scrub. I don't really understand how it would help as a spot treatment.
  2. Just thought I'd mention...a while back someone metioned to me I might want to stop by this soap store with natural soaps. I am now using a soap that's made of seaweed and sea salt, and I think it helps me, although it's hard to say cuz I use other things...BUT, I just gave a bar to my sister for her birthday and it seems to be really clearing her up quickly. At about 10$ a bar, I figure it's as good or better than the cleansers you get in the stores...seems to dry out your skin and disinfect
  3. Why did you start using the baking soda? Sounds like a cheap way of dealing with this problem...if it is working for you I would like to try, I've been thinking about grabbing some ACV anyways. why the baking soda though?? Thx
  4. 20 mg seems like a pretty light dose... is that just for the first couple of weeks? Good luck!
  5. you're not doing anything wrong...probably just nobody knows anything about the product...good luck
  6. Dude, tons of guys tan. Totally not a big deal...I think I know more guys who do tan than who don't...seriously. I stopped hitting the beds for a while and am using a self-tanner now cuz of red marks I don't want to get worse...nobody has even noticed I'm doing it, so you can try that too...there's some good threads on how to do it, trick is to moisturize first then it's good and even.
  7. The fact that Accutane has so many possible and potentially serious side-effects makes it a serious drug. Just because you don't experience the side-effects doesn't mean that they couldn't happen. I just think that to dismiss them because many of us have had good experiences with the drug would be, well, foolhearty I guess. I would also like to mention that although depression and suicide may not be an issue for some of the members of the forum, these may be very serious topics for other memb