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  1. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Now about 5 months since i finished my treatment and face continues to look even better. Scars are less noticeable. I looked at some old pictures of when my acne was really bad and i cant believe the difference. Im so happy i did this
  2. Hey Hey. So yeah Im not exactly new to the site..but I am new to posting on this site. I have used acne.org for a lot of information about how to help treat my acne. I am 20 years old, active, I play sports, lift weight and I love to snowboard, wakeboard, play soccer, and I really got into ceramics as a hobby in High School. I have had persistent acne since I was in high school which would constantly come and go. It always seemed to be worse during the school year and then would more or less cle
  3. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Several months off accutane. Acne free. Now i just need to do some scar treatments front side 1 side 2
  4. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Day 55 Ok well face is lookin worse today. I squeezed two of my zits and it sort of made them worse. One was on my forehead and some stuff came out but now its red and inflamed. The other thing i squeezed was on my cheek. It was like a pocket of trapped blood from where I used to have a cyst. Anyways I squeezed it and a ton of stuff came out and got nice and inflamed..so i was thinking "good job moron, now its red and looks like crap and will probably scar...but hey at least you got a cool expl
  5. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Dont worry it will work out in the end...everyone reacts differently I guess
  6. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Day 53 Well today was pretty much the same as yesterday. No new breakouts
  7. Jordanmac7

    after =)

    Wow, you look amazing
  8. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Day 52 Getting close to 2 months now and my face is continually looking better. I am still getting breakouts every week but they are less frequent and arent as bad. They also heal faster now. Face is peeling a bit and some spots are scabby but overall my face is looking decent. Cheeks are still clear, neck is kinda crappy, forehead is...decent.
  9. Jordanmac7

    Accutane Dry nose etc

    I have the same thing almost every day. I put vaseline in at night and sometimes a little during the day to just keep it moist.
  10. I have noticed lately that I seem to be addicted to this website and the message boards and that when im working at the office and im not working on anything is just sit here pooring over everything here. Is this normal? Am I becoming obsessed with my acne whereas I used to not dwell on it that much? The site really has helped a lot though and I have learned a lot about acne in general and ways to treat it. But is it just me or is anyone else addicted to this website?
  11. Jordanmac7

    day 64

    Wow you have had some great improvement so far
  12. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Day 49 Had a few more small whitehead breakouts on my neck. They come and go pretty fast. No other updates
  13. Hey good luck on your course, make sure you prepare during the pre-tane stage by drinking lots of water and stocking up on lip balm haha.
  14. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Day 48 I have a few new whiteheads on my neck area but no major changes. Looking more or less better however I have a cyst on my forehead that I can feel developing/pushing its way through...oh joy. I also get to have my blood tested again tomorrow.
  15. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Yeah I am. Im currently serving as the secretary for our mission which is why im always in the office. Once I go back into the "field" I wont be updating my log anymore (which will probably be in a few weeks) unfortanately until I get back to the states in about 3 months.
  16. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Day 47 Still a few small actives on my forehead and neck area. Cheeks are clear..but have tons of redmarks. No changes
  17. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    @ Red. Hey no problem, anytime. Thanks for stopping by. The rashes are weird but fade pretty quickly. @YD I wouldnt worry too much about the IB. Most people experience it but once you get through it your face continues to improve and its all downhill Day 46 Ok no big updates today. Face looks a little better than yesterday. The big nasty on my forehead is already getting smaller and part came out in the shower. I put some neosporin stuff on it to help it heal faster and it seemed to help. My
  18. Jordanmac7

    Im Clear - YAY

    Im glad you found something that works for you. Your beautiful by the way
  19. Could a mod move this to the accutane section? He will get more help and answers to his questions from there.
  20. Jordanmac7

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Day 45 Shoot I kind of had a break out today and yesterday on my forehead and some of my older spots look more inflamed than usual. I have a really nasty, big, new spot on my forehead but im for sure not going to pop or squeeze that one because it will scar for sure. Good news is that the rash or whatever on my next seems to be gone so thats really nice. I havnt been doing very good with my water drinking lately but im not experiencing any side effects. I have been so busy I just start doing so
  21. Jordanmac7

    Dreaming of a Clear Christmas

    Good luck bro. Ill be checkin in from time to time