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  1. Day 57 (August 1st) Ok this sucks, my chin broke out like I was wishing it wouldn't I guess I have been extra stressed this week at work and with my upcoming trip to japan. There are like 5 zits on my chin...ya can't hide that on the 'tane because make up just makes it look more flaky. BUT - it could be worse. I'm still happy about not having oily skin and there are still no blackheads on my nose. My hair is still dry but I'm using this awesome leave in conditioner called "It's a 10" It
  2. Ok it's day 49 and my skin is getting more sensitive. I get that flushing thing a lot which is annoying. I hate looking like I'm blushing for no good reason. It also seems like my skin doesn't like certain materials anymore, like nylon. I just broke out in rashes from it but as soon as I put lotion on it went away. It's still affecting my mood, I'm aware when I'm taking things too personally but I can't do anything to rationalize. I don't know if its the 'tane, but it also seems like my cramps
  3. It actually says "Do not drink alcohol with this medicine" on my prescription label. Thanks for the heads up. I have been feeling dehydrated lately and I get that hungover feeling in the morning even if I don't drink, so I guess everyone is different. You must have a liver made of steel I was actually really bummed out about not being able to properly celebrate my bday coming up in a week but...maybe I'll sneak a few and just drink a ton of water.
  4. Ok so last time I updated was 7 days ago. Not much has changed, I have a couple zits which is kind of annoying because as soon as you think you're clear *poof* there are new ones. I got a new facial cleanser which I like better than cetaphil. It's called Loreal age perfect, cream cleanser for aged skin. It is very soothing and has petroleum in it which prevents those annoying flakes. Despite cetaphil being gentle, it did nothing to replenish moisture. I just use a wash cloth to gently exf
  5. I think we're all guilty of picking, it's so hard to avoid! But it sucks because when you're on tane, they can scar more easily. It sounds like you're almost there How long is your course for?
  6. I think that might be another way of saying you may get decreased night vision. I could be wrong, but I know that's a very common side effect and is nothing to worry about. I have never heard of accutane causing color blindness.
  7. Sonicfemme

    All clear

    As you can see, the 'tane is working wonders.
  8. I decided to register with acne.org after months, maybe even years of lurking. I've read your stories, thank you all for posting pictures and detailed info and giving people like me an idea of what to expect. With that being said~ I'm taking Claravis 60mg a day for 5 months. I'm 24, and have been getting moderate to severe acne since I was 16. I am on week 5 now (day 36) and I have definitely gotten some dryness. It's quickly remedied with a good lotion. I use Philosphy/unconditional love for