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  1. i have trillion of blackheads around the two sides of my nose... i am intersted in azelaic acid. does it clear blackheads and shrink pores just like waht AHA/BHA/mandelic acid does?
  2. i have been using retin a for 3 months and my face gets red very easily the large pores are very concerning me; and i am interested in azelaic acid (skinoren) i am concerning the irritation. Could anyone share your experience?
  3. As i am using retin a, my skin is very sensitive. I want to use nicam in AM and retina a in PM. Most of the gel consist of alcohol base. does freederm or nicam contain alcohol?
  4. i dont think my skin is producing too much oil IF the oil is being absorbed. the oil just stay on my skin like a tiny droplet... all the moisturizers are not absorbed when i put them on. they just form a greasy layer....
  5. i have been using tretinoin cream 0.1% for 5weeks. despite the initial breakout and redness, my skin texture is so strange... after washing my face and 10minutes later, some oil droplets are formed on my pores and NOT absorbed by the skin around. i spread the oil with a tissue, and the oil just form a layer on my skin not being absored. my skin is still dry. as normal, my skin will absorb the oil. is this normal? btw, i want to know how you guys wash your face. i am using ceptaphil gentle wa
  6. i have been using tretinoin cream 0.1%for 5 weeks. despite the initial breakout (4-5 zits ALWAYS), my face get really red... it is really embarrassing. the colours of my neck and my face are entirely different, a BIG BIG BIG contrast. everyone gives me a wierd look when i walk in the street.... beside the active pimples and redness, many red and brown marks left on my skin, they look terrible. i start avoiding my friends and i dont want to see anyone. when i look into the mirror, i ask myself "
  7. i have been using tretinoin cream for 28 days and my situation doesnt go better.... owing to the tretinoin, my face gets really red....when i am embarrassed, the redness deteriorates... every time i walk in the street, i face down and dont want other to look at me. i always think that people will give a weird look when they look at my face, even though they actually dont. i am really desperate.....whenever i look at my old photos, i miss my healthy glowing skin in the past. whenever i look at
  8. i am using tretinoin 0.1% cream for three weeks, and my face still get red. when i just wake up, my face is fine, no redness. but after 1minute, my face start to get red... i am considering if i should put on calamine lotion in the morning... i have still a question. my pores do not tighten after using tretinoin, and they even enlarged.... is it possible i am using too much tretinoin cream? does calamine help?
  9. should the vitamin be taken in the morning or at night? i am taking vitamin a, c, e, b-complex, zinc the instruction says i should take vit b in the morning, and i also take one at night. what is the best time for the absorption of those vitamin? with diet or before sleeping?
  10. i have been using tretinoin cream 0.1% for about three weeks...i get some inflammatory acne still, can i put on fucidin cream (fusidic acid 2%)? (not fucidin H cream)
  11. but the same kind of pigmentation had appeared on my cheek and they fade much after these 3 weeks.... is it possible that the skin around the jaw process a lower rate of metabolism?
  12. i am using tretinoin cream and my PIH fade a lot after 3 weeks...but some very dark PIH around the bottom jaw dont go away. how can i deal with this?
  13. i have oily but sensitive skin, and my face gets red very easily (like emotion or pressure) i have about 8 active acnes (inflammatory acne) and a lot of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentaion all over my face... large pores and uneven tone concern me a lot... now regimen: CETAPHIL gentle cleanser day & night tretinoin cream 0.1 % at night is it a good idea to plus the mario badescu drying mask into the regimen? as my skin is sensitive, i may put the mask on active acne and t-zone only....
  14. i am using cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and at night...and i am using tretinoin every night i dont apply moisturizer in daytime, 'cause every moisturizer makes my skin look greasy... i seldom go out in daytime. and when i go out, i always avoid direct sunlight. is it ok i dont use sunscreen? when i wake up in the morning, my face is fine but after some time, or when i have facial expression (smile, eating, or even talking), my face goes red and it will last for all day long...
  15. i am using tretinoin cream 0.1% for about a week and my face becomes very red and irritated. when i have emotion, the redness goes terrible... do you have any solution for that? does aspirin mask help? or Vitamin b3 gel works?