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  1. SO just wanted to let you guys know what has worked for me and what I hope that some of you guys considered. Around february I went to my dermatologist and she prescribed me retin-a(tretinoid 0.25), Climandycin 1%, and Bactrim. (I had moderate-severe acne)Well its being about 4 months and I could finally say that I dont brake out anymore. If I get a pimple once a week it usually goes away in 1-2 days. I stuck to my regime for about 4 months even in the bad times and it has paid off. Guys don't
  2. So about a month ago my face started braking worst than ever. I went from moderate acne to severe acne in a period of 2 weeks. Didnt feel like doing much and at the saem time I got laid off work which wasnt that bad because people at work didnt have to see my ugly face. Anyways so i was pretty desperate and a bit depressed.. I made an appoint to the derma but i had to wait almost a month for an appointment so i decided to take action on my own hands. I went online and found this site. Order Dan
  3. Okk guys I started using Dans regimen and taking a 500 mg tetracycline capsules twice a day after my face went from moderate acne to severe acne ( which happens every summer), anyways my face has started to clear up... I mean its not complete clear but i don't break out with those nasty cyst that would not go away till weeks.. My face is about I say 75% clear... I think that the combination of the regimen and tetracycline is working well so far.. i think that if our in look of a treatment you s
  4. IM YOURS BY JASON MRAZ ALWAYS MAKE ME HAPPY <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eHD_FtIUVg&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eHD_FtIUVg&hl=en&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eHD_FtIUVg&hl=en&
  5. Hey you should try ZENMED for acne scars it has work good for me itll get rid of ur scars in a month or so... its about 70 dollars so its not a lot .. You have to go to the website to order .If u have any other questions let me know
  6. They dont touch my face they start touching their fface i dont know why maybe to make sure they aint got acne like me...
  7. Don't u hate it when someone could be a friend, parent, or stranger see's ur face , could be in a bad day or even in a good they and as soon as they see you they start touching their face??? WOW it makes me so mad, i know they dont mean to be mean or make me feel bad but it bothers me so much.. just needed to get it out of my system.. By the way Dan's regimen and tetracycline are working really good together my face is not as bad as it use to be plus i think it gets better every week.. well goo
  8. Hey dude im on my third week of tetracycline... Also im doing Dan's regimen at the same time. I always had ups and down but after i came home for the summer from college and after i ran out of some antibitic i was on my face exploted really bad in a period of 2 weeks. So after being on tetracycline and dans regimen my face calm down i dont break out as often but i still got some acne to work with but nothing bad. i think the combination of this two acne fighters id doing a good job so far... so
  9. Okk so I was on some antibiotic it seem to work ok.. then i ran out and in a period of 2 weeks after I came back from the beach my face errupted really bad full of red cystic bumps all over my cheeks forhead and neck..... i was looking for some miracle product online and i found this site. I order it and its been almost 2 weeks and my bumps went down. I still have quite a bit but ther dissapearing plus I havent had a really bad breakout since i started using. Altho my skin is really dry red and
  10. Really?? Well I hope this works and ill keep you posted..
  11. Ok So i just started using tetracycline yesterday and at the same time i just started using the regimen 3 days ago.... Is it ok to be using tetracycline and the regimen???/ If u know or know someone that knows please help me I appreciate it
  12. ohhh ok.. See I dont like shaving because my skin gets really irritated and because you could see how bad my acne is.. But if I have to ill grow some umm u know lol n suk it up... thanks tho...
  13. Okk so i was a few questions guys... Im 19 struggling with sometime moderate to in some cases severe acne and i just started my regimen 2 days ago.. I was taking antibiotics n they were working fine but then i ran out and my acne got really bad in a period of 2 weeks i have acne all over my chin really bad the nech boton cheak area is horrible thank god i dont shave lol Ok so do I have to shave everyday in order for the regimen to work becausse my bear is hidding some of my big ass red pimples?