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  1. I've been on tane....I'm not really that enthusiatic about going back on....but what's mino?
  2. I love my boyfriend, he great but currently I've been breaking out alot and it making me really insecure and self conscious. Though I cant really complain cause I used to had cystic acne...and its bad but....its not as bad as it use to be However my boyfriend loves touching my face...and I kind of hate It, cause I even try not to touch my face because they tell you not to cause you dont want the bacteria on your hands to creep onto your skin. I wish I had smooth skin that he could caress but
  3. I totally understand...but my disaasociation was caused by acne...sometimes I go a while without looking in the mirror especially when I'm at work or at school. Sometimes its to the point where I would catch a glance in the mirror and be like..."who dat?" seriously! its kinda sad lol the times I do look in the mirror...I kinda find it hard beleiving that its me on the other end..*sigh* oh well
  4. What I'm tyring to figure out is....is the score mad high for sex life, what sex life? because everyone is mad young and they just have'nt engaged in having sex yet OR is it because acne is trully affecting them from having a sex life?
  5. Damn there's alotta people not getting any... Acne is detrimental to your mental health..therefore it murders your self esteem leaving you vulnerable to having feelings of self doubt and self loathng. However...confidence is the key ingredient to being able to find,build and keep healthy relationships especailly of an intimate kind. So subsequently we are allowing ourselves to be hindered simple because our skin is not made of porcelin....as human beings we are naturally flawed. Although this
  6. I know for me...it sometimes affects my sex life...I start feeling really self conscious and "unattractive". even though my bf is in the mood, I'm not..cause I got a a pimple the size of a planet on my face...its hard being sexy when ya got a bunch of bumps on yo face..how do ya'll feel?
  7. Omg....having severe acne has changed my life and attitude!!! I would be more happy with myself if I had clear skin!! I would be more confident,and more outgoing!!...right now I have bad discoloration and not as many pimples as in the past but it hard being confident and feeling like your attractive. I know acne...has f**ked up my outlook on myself and life.....
  8. 12...in the past it would of been over 50...I was depress!! but now I'm still a little sad at times but overall I'm ok
  9. I love Gabrielle Union Skin......I would cut off someone head to have skin like that......yes I know that's a little much...but I'm desperate LOL
  10. Hey I'm scarred..literally and well I just got accepted to a college where I'll be living on campus and away from home for the first time!!..I've been trying to get in this college for years but because of my skin and my gross outlook on my life I have perpetually placed my life on hold..however I toke accutane about two years ago....and now I still break out...but NOT as bad as I used too...and in this acne battle that's all i can ask for .... But back to the subject at hand...I'm about to