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  1. My current regimen is Tret and night and BP in the morning. My face is mostly clear of active pimples, and is mostly red marks, but I still get a couple new cysts now and then... At night should I use Tret on my whole face including the the new cysts, or should I spot treat the cysts with BP instead of putting Tret on them?
  2. I'm having the same problem, even if I use VERY little BP and I use a higher ratio of jojoba oil to moisturizer. It's always red and it's really getting on my nerves. The only time my face isn't red is when I wake up in the morning (I use tretinoin at night) I don't know what to do ;\
  3. Is it better to use one of these at night than in the morning? I started with BP in the morning and tretinoin at night, but switched them because I thought my face would be less red during the day. Well..not the case, my face redness just won't go away, and I don't want to stop treatment for any amount of time because I'm afraid I'll break out.
  4. I was on BP and Tretinoin for years, and I HATE myself for switching to Aczone. I was uninformed and uneducated about acne at this time. After 3 months of Aczone my face looked awful. Now I'm back on BP & Tretinoin and I'm already seeing big improvements after 1 month. I regret ever wanting to try to new prescription.
  5. There only seems to be a reaction if I'm putting moisturizer on after the BP. Because I started using Tretinoin at night, and using moisturizer at night doesn't cause the redness. I guess I'll have to replace most the moisturizer with the jojoba oil, is this a good idea? I didn't know if there was a limit of oil I should be using...
  6. I recently started adding jojoba oil to the moisturizer which helped a LOT with the redness/irritation that the moisturizer alone caused. However with the moist/jojoba I noticed my skin gets itchy and random times and spots. It's like torture having an itch on my face and not being able to scratch it. Is this normal? I'm not really sure what exactly why it's happening
  7. Yeah I looked for Complex 15 before trying a couple others, but CVS didn't carry it in the store (it's on their website though) I guess I'll have to wait for it to ship. It's probably the last one I'll try... I'm tired of this.
  8. Ok I have just tried CeraVe moisturizer, it does the same thing... still has a slight stinging feeling and turns my face really red ;\
  9. Yeah my skin has pretty much been constantly red since I started the regimen... but it's the worst a few minutes after I put the moisturizer on. I don't even see a difference hours later, it still looks really red. Which sucks because Dan's moisturizer works great otherwise...everything else is too thick
  10. Neither CVS or Walgreen's website show that product EDIT: Nevermind... you spelled it wrong
  11. Yes, thank you... but it has been about a month, I've tried 3 different moisturizers, and they all make my face very very red. I'm getting tired of wasting money on expensive moisturizers ;\ Maybe it's just my skin?
  12. I've been on the regimen for at least a few weeks, and I realized my skin is still super red. I thought this was all the BP's doing, but it looks like most of the redness comes from the moisturizer for some reason. So I'm looking for advice/suggestions or a different moisturizing product...
  13. I've been using BP for around 2-3 weeks and even if I use a small amount (under 1 pump), my face still gets very red. Is there a certain amount of time before I should just say... "ok my face shouldn't be red anymore, there is a problem?" I'm afraid to only do it once daily at the risk of getting breakouts while it's not on my face Should I just use very little in the morning, and more at night?
  14. I moved from BP & Tretinoin to Aczone a few months ago. Well Aczone just made it worse, so I figure I would just try the Acne.org regimen. But I am wondering, would using the Tretinoin be more effective than just using BP twice a day?
  15. I cleanse, apply BP, and moisturize every morning and night. But for some reason hours later, I end up with a few whiteheads in my face out of nowhere. I'm not understanding why, and am afraid I'm doing something wrong. Could I be applying too little/too much BP or moisturizer? Could the cleanser be causing this? (I use Burt's Bee Deep Cleanser cause everything else makes my skin horrible horrible dry)