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  1. It did for me- a LOT LOT worse...I got pregnant with my first baby (still am- just about!) 8 months ago. I used to have clear skin till 4 years ago, developed maintainence-level acne 4 years ago ( god knows why but it was all under control) But as soon as I got pregnant and for the first 6 months my face broke out like never before...I had new spots every day.. always more than 8-10 spots or scabe on my face... it got me so depressed that I went to the derm who gave me the only safe pregnancy
  2. odv, I understand how you feel... I reached the end of my tether with NHS not taking me seriously with VERY BAD pregnancy acne... if it is effecting you this much, it might be worth going to see a private dermatologist ( I gave up on NHS after 2-3 months and took matters to a Derm I paid for myself) It has very much been worth it- my treatment options are limited for the time being- same as yours- but mine because i am pregnant, but the derm has prescribed me several oral and topical creams/pi
  3. I feel for you. It could be me wirting the post myself. I am exactly the same ( expect I am 29 and thought I was long done with acne). I have SEVERE pregnancy acne ( I am now 6+ months pregnant) and have been to see a derm about it a couple of times. I have been on oral and topical erythromycin for 2 months now and have seen a mild improvement (no harmful effects on baby- its been very safe that way!) My derm assures me this will get better oncethe baby pops out and then I will have a baby as w
  4. ac_m


    Sounds a bit like it could be poly cyctic ovaries (PCOS)... whcih does cause more hairs on body/face and acne.... ...I would definitely ask the gynie about it and ask if they can test for it etc... hope it gets better soon for you... My story till the age of 26-27 was the same as yours... mine cleared up by themselves after a bit... a word of friendly warning ( wish someone had told me this before): sort out your acne if/when you decide to get preggers.. I didnt do anything about my mild acne
  5. Hey English rose, glad to hear things are getting better for you... hopefully you will be all clear and able to enjoy all the things you have had to miss out on soon I have a question for you, you mentioned you had acne when pregnant... I have the worst skin I have had in my life in the last 6 months of bineg pregnant and am unable to do much about it but it is getting to the stage where I have taken time off work and pretty much sit at home and cry all day (cant be much good for the baby!!)
  6. I just tried to pop a spot which was brewing for 4 days. very small pustule/poaple... didnt really have that much of a head (i know, I am an idiot!!) but it hurt loads and looked like one I could pop cleanly... ...no such luck... the top layer of skin came off but there was o head and now its exposed, red, raw and not poppped... i have put some BP on iot and a band aid and planing to go pff to bed... but is that not wise? what can i do to minimise further damage HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  7. 61. Your hair style changes depending on which part of your face you are trying to hide that week/day 62. The first thing you notice about any other human you come in contact with is their skin ( and guiltily feel happuier when its not perfect either!) 63. You are cautiously happy/depressed/suicidal depending on how many new spots you developed that morning
  8. Idahobelle, I can fully empathise with you as it is a similar story with me...I am a 30 year old female, have had mild acne for the last 2-3 years but suddenly turned into a walking boil in the last 5 months (since I got pregnant)... right now, I have a fantastic job, the most loving husband and a healthy baby on the way, not to mention friends and family and all the other good things in life but all this is undermined by these horrid things that keep growing on my face... ... i am sat here typi
  9. Sounds like you have had a painful many years of batteling acne... pleased you are clear now... mine do seem to be responding to antibiotics etc now and have calmed down 90%... had one small spot in 6 days not 100% clear, but I guess I never was! Another question is: I have some funky pigmented scars (not raised or ice picks, just purple!) left behind... any safe thing I can do while pregnant to get rid of those? :question:
  10. I had a similar issue when I used strong BP/salicyclic acis to get rid of spots last year... the best thing now is to leave skin alone and the body will even skin out by itself over tme ( the more I fiddlesd with it, worse it got)...only thing that kind of helped without irritating skin was this phyto+ pigmentation gel I got from my derm...(I think it is over the counter)
  11. I had been using some acne topical liquids which had an applicator which looked a bit like filter papoer where it needs to get wet with liquid in the bottle and then dabbed on... I have got myself paranoid that this must surely ause the bacteris to spread as it is applied to pimples (sometimes open) and then to other areas of skin where it can spread the bacteris it came in contact with... any thoughts on applicator types?
  12. Hi, I'm 29 year old and have started on a course of Topical Erythromycin+ duac (topical BP and clyndomycin (is that how its spelt!?)) and have been following this for ~4 weeks now... I have seen some slight improvement (I am no longer a walking pimple) but still have 1-2 new spots appear on face this week (they are not hurting but are small red bumps)- any idea what they might be? Also, since each spot leaves a HORRID purple scar behind, each new spot makes me depressed (cant help but feel this
  13. ac_m

    Pregnancy acne

    Thanks all for the support... The meds suddenly seem to have kicked in and I seem to be getting rid of all bumps/other disgusting things that had appeared on my face.... Still left with ugly pigmentation scars but they are said to fade over time... Fingers crossed!!! xx
  14. Same for me... I fully understand... I cant face looking in the mirror at my face any more... I always try to look the other way or only allow myself a quick glimpse from a distance... no point depressing myself with a close look at the warzone that is my face before I go out to batter my self esteem even further!
  15. ac_m

    Pregnancy acne

    Thanks Glitterball... this gives me hope that the nightmare can end after birth... I think its very tough luck to get hit by bad acne on top of everything that pregnancy entails...