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  1. That is exactly what I need! retin-a makes my face the color of a tomato! Thank you
  2. I am NOT a fan of liquids either, but MAC makes a foundation that is more on the 'tinted moisturizer' end as far as thickness and coverage- it adds a perfect layer which then adding their Studio Fix powder (which is described as a powder foundation) gives great coverage. Also MAC makes a concealer that comes in the same little pot as their eyeshadows that has shea butter in it- extremely good coverage & very moisturizing. I love bareminerals but the application technique alone irritates
  3. How does the +Quote button work? ---About hairstylists- I'm quite picky and precise about mine too, but you gotta be! Especially when I had my hair short/pixie- if they don't do it how you like it- there isn't much [literal] room to fix it. I've found after spending anywhere from $12 to $300 for a cut, the best thing you can do is find someone who isn't righteous about cutting and you aren't afraid to criticize and nit pick. Also, when I see dead ends I WANT to cut off 4 inches, cause you kn
  4. I think if the logo was bigger (and maybe more interesting, for the sake of a shirt) and the words were smaller or on the arm or something a little more inconspicuous it would reach a wider audience. I would definitely wear one & I think the white is great for sleeping in and wearing around after applying BP! I say re-design & original available, and use American Apparel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. For colored hair: Use shampoo's and conditioners that are SULFATE FREE- sulfates dull and fade color, and are generally undesirable for anyone. There are a few drugstore brands that have sulfate free lines (Abba is one) For scalp/hairline blemishes: I've found using Selsun Blue Naturals (3% Sal Acid) just around my hair line and bangs has helped loads (I dye my hair so I don't use it all over every day) The NUMBER ONE thing for healthy looking hair is frequent trims. Do it. Sources: Study