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  1. i'm confused from your wording: are you drinking the Milk of magnesia or applying it to your acne areas like vinegar?
  2. what would happen, hypothetically, if i just put it on my finger straight out of the bottle and onto my back (no dilution)? i like to think i have tough skin esp on my back seeing as how BP / Ziana does nothing. would this burn the everloving eff out of my skin or would it be more effective since it would be at a higher concentration? i guess what i'm really asking is if it is safe to apply straight undiluted ACV on my back
  3. so after reading about 20 threads on this forum, i got that ACV seems to work well for people's bacne. I have acne along the top of my back/shoulderblade area and along the sternum area of my chest. I've never tried anything but BP and Ziana to treat these acne areas, but they don't seem to be working well. I'm always wary about trying things on my skin (for fear that they might get worse) so i have a few questions about ACV: 1. I got that you can find ACV in supermarkets, but some people seem
  4. hey after reading your post and getting a low-vitamin D diagnosis from my PCP, i think i'm going to try taking 4000 iu's of vitamin D daily. I have 2 questions though: did you take all 4 tablets at once or spread them out throughout the day? also, did you experience any negative side effects from taking high doses of vitamin D? thanks
  5. so quick background summary: broke out really bad in college 2nd year, was a dumbass and used a rough cloth to rub my skin, broke out even worse, took antibiotics for 3 months, killed most of the acne, problem now is i have brown spots all over my face where the acne used to be. after reading a lot of threads, it seems like chemical peels and lasers work well for other's post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. however, my derm told me it's like a couple hundred dollars for each laser or chemical p
  6. so yeah my derm also prescribed me ziana. it didn't really stop my breakouts, which i don't get as badly as before (i took antibiotics), so i never really used ziana that much. one thing though is that when i did use ziana for about a week, my skin burned really badly any time it was exposed to direct sunlight. ziana is a retinoid, which supposedly increases cell turnover by making the outermost layer of your skin really thin, so that's probly why it burnt like shit. i have brown PIH not really
  7. first of all, calm down, it's not as bad as you think. i would bet you that someone who has posted on this messageboard has had it worse than you have it now. at least you don't have any active breakouts. I have the brown hyperpigmentation spots all over my face where i used to have acne also. The AHA I am using is probably what a lot of other people are using and talking about: Dan's AHA+ which you can by from his website. I think its like 10% glycolic acid and a moisturizing agent. When using
  8. hmm this is kinda happening to me too, i've had acne on my back since puberty, but i dont really treat it with anything because i wear shirts everyday and i don't want whatever i put on my back to get rubbed off, but my brown marks on my back don't seem to fade by themselves. you could try putting whatever you used for your face on your back, assuming you dont wear a shirt for a while
  9. hey OP, i actually have the exact same type of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but it's more widespread on my face because i did nothing about my acne for a while. i'm using Dan's AHA+ but it works kinda slow (though it still works!) and i think i'm going to try the retinoid my dermatologist prescribed because it supposedly helps with cell turnover rate.
  10. so i looked up Neutrogena Tone Correcting after i saw an ad for it on TV, and the product description describes it by saying it "Fights the look of stubborn dark spots and discoloration". Has anyone tried this stuff for hyperpigmentation? i'm looking for any good remedies for hyperpigmentation because i have it pretty bad (basically anywhere i had acne i have PIH). thanks for any feedback
  11. so I'm currently on doxycycline antibiotics and on the Regimen with AHA+ at night and in the most hyperpigmented spots on my face in the morning also. I'm getting fewer breakouts, but my old breakouts have left brownish marks basically everywhere they were. So far I've been putting Dan's AHA+ on the dark spots for about 4 months now, and they are fading a bit but not as much as I had hoped. Is there anything strong that anyone has used to fade their hyperpigmentation/brown spots faster? any su
  12. OP i have the same prob as you, and i'm currently trying dan's AHA though with limited success. it may be because i get brown marks instead of red though.
  13. i'd like to add that while AHA does wonders for some, it doesn't work for everyone. I've been on Dan's Regimen for a while now (too many months to count) and about 2 months ago I started using his AHA+ as my moisturizer. If it is fading my brown hyperpigmenation marks (i get brown not red spots after acne), it's doing it too slowly to notice, because there seems to be little change if any for my hyperpigmented spots. and it really does nothing to prevent new acne, for that i still rely on BP.
  14. erinolive, how much did a peel procedure cost at the derm's office? also, have you tried any at-home peels? i bought a bottle of this really strong salicyclic acid stuff (it burns a lot right when you put it on for a few minutes), and i'm reluctant to use it because i'm not sure if it'll make things worse. thanks