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  1. I was on the Regimen for 5 weeks. then stopped for 4 weeks. Now I am using BP again, but a much smaller amount, which hopefully will make it unneccessary to use moisturizer apart from at night. This is because the only moisturizer which stopped me drying out on the full amount of BP was Eucerin, but this made my skin look very greasy/oily (so much so people would comment). So I am washing AM and putting on a little BP, washing PM again with a little BP, then washing again before bed and loading
  2. I was on the Regimen for about 2 months with moderate success (not long enough I know), but decided it wasn't for me, I'm in my mid-twenties and feel I am over the worst of my acne. I have gone back to just washing twice a day with soap and water, no moisturizer or anything. I have had little problems with acne, no 'big spots' at all, but I would say the general condition of my skin has worsened. I have a blotchy complexion, especially straight after washing, like small red areas on my nose, fo
  3. Thanks for the reply Tabasco, it's great to know the back to basics thing worked for you, it is still going very well with me. It's not even 2 weeks since I finished BP and I still expect to breakout anytime, each day I look in the mirror with trepidation but nothing significant yet, the odd tiny spot which is not even visible after a while. Do guys notice that right after shaving (or even just washing), if you look straight in the mirror every blemish shows up and the skin is blotchy red in som
  4. Now 10 days since I came off BP, and so far things are going great. I have had very little acne, but I'm not getting carried away. I think my skin may still be seeing the benefit of BP because I heard a spot takes 9 days from the original blocked pore to the spot forming. But just washing twice a day with soap is working for me so far. My skin is normal, no dryness, little acne, long may this continue!
  5. Ok it's been 4 days since I stopped using BP and started with only soap & water. My acne is not too bad, no better or worse than the previous week, but my face is very oily, I notice it more because before I could put it down to the moisturizer, now when I see my shiny skin I know it's OIL. But on the plus side my dry skin has totally gone. I'm thinking of gently moping up the oil during the day at work, just to make myself feel better, like with a paper towel or something. Can anyone sugges
  6. I've had acne since about 14 and am now 23, and for all the time in between I have constantly changed washing regimes, endless face washes, exfoliators, cleansing pads, washing three times a day, 5 times a day, overnight gel, 10% BP, high dose B5 supplements for months and more recently Dan's regimen. I had some success with the above, the B5 made my skin less oily but I still got spots and taking 20 pills a day is shit. Dan's regimen also cleared me up but then I broke out, then cleared up and
  7. Has anybody got any advice/comments about how to avoid ruining clothes/towels etc? I've only been on the Regimen for a month but have managed to bleach 2 towels and ruin one of my best tops, it was kind of beige coloured but has turned all orange around the inside neck. I guess that is unavoidable, I get most of my acne around my jawline/upped neck so I load the BP on here, and it obviously rubs onto the fabric. However I noticed orange spots near the bottom of the shirt to, I can only think I m
  8. I've been on the Regimen for just over a week using Dan's BP Gel and it's working great, skin is nearly totally clear of acne for the first time in 10 years. Only lingering problem is the redness the BP is causing, my face looks permanently flushed, especially across my forehead and bridge of my nose/upper cheeks. It's a bit embarrassing, people at work comment on it and I make something up since I hate talking about anything acne-related. Does anyone know if this will stop after a while? I've