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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. This is my 2nd week using proactive, it seem to work, but the toner sometimes sting my faces. Does it supposed to be like that?? and my skin is super dry, so sometimes i skip the toner. Does it help with your scar?
  2. My sister bough a 2 gallon white distilled vinegar in cosco, and we never ever gonna finish it. so I am thingking if i could use it on my face ?????
  3. i'm using clinique acne body spray, it's easy to use, and seems to work for me , make sure you wait till dry before you put on your clodthes. hope it works.
  4. I used clinique body acne spray, since it's easy to use for back acne, but make sure, you wait until it dry before you put on your clothes. It clear out my b-acne but not the ugly marks, but at least i'm making sure that there woulb be no additional.
  5. I have the same bad situation with you, This summer, both of my cheecks flare with pimples that never happen before, it lef black ugly chicken pox scar. I believe the check area is more delicate and lighter , it's soo common that peple get scar in cheeck that any other area, so becareful not to pinch that make it even worst. I'm looking for a good solution also, some people use vinegar, lightening lotion , microbrasion, etc. I don't think the bp is the reason, it actually help my acne scar,
  6. I also think that the water of the pool help to dry out my acne, i don't know why, but i am shy to go since, i have many scar on my face now. somebody told me that chlorine water could darken your skin, eventhough you swim at night, that is probbly why.
  7. now I know why some of my pillow sheets and t-shirt were bleached. Before I thought I mistakenly put wrong detergen or samething. I put the gel right in to my eyebrow, since i have pimple right inside Luckily I had a black hair and eyebrows, it does'nt seem to bleech mine. good luck with your eyebrows.
  8. now I know why some of my pillow sheets and t-shirt were bleached. Before I thought I mistakenly put wrong detergen or samething
  9. Thank you guys for all your opinions. I just tried proactive for 3 days, it seems to work, but the toner seems too strong. It really dry out my skin. I know that the proactive is expensive. But, Before I ordered proactive, I had already tried bp gel, i don't know why it does'n seem to work well. Is it because i did not put enough or, i did not wait long enough (15 minutes) before i applied, but I relized that bp gel is not as overdrying as proactive. Thank you for all your supports.
  10. This summer, my face has been filled with acne, especially in cheek area, where I have never experienced before, which make me very frustated, since It left chicken pox scar on my cheek area. I just bought proactive for acne prevention. Have anybody tried it??
  11. Hi I plant aloe vera at home, and i've been using it for my hair and face. it will help with your new scar or sun burn, you also could eat / drink the juice. i just read you need to use aloe right away after you buy it - at most 4 hours, otherwise it's going to be useless. what i do 1. i cut the edge right and left 2. cut it about 3 inch 3. cut the middle of the leaf into 2 part, 4. applied to face, hair 5. slice the inner so you could use it again. hope it help.