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  1. @wave50 it's a prescription drug so if you're American, I think you would have to get a prescription from your doctor. @VaLeRiE43 thanks <3 I'm sure you will get there soon
  2. It has been a long time since I was here. Now that i am clear, the emotional scar is still there and I'm still trying to fight depression everyday. Still, clear skin has made me much happier than before. I just want to share with you my story I hope it will help girls like me have beautiful skin and confidence.
  3. for girls: you have to try spironolactone, it is a fucking magical drug, see more at my topic
  4. HISTORY: Ok so I'm a 20 years old girl. I have always have problem with my hormone (damn PCOS and my thyroid!), I hardly have peroids. My skin was horrible: oily skin, bad acne on face and body. I've try numerous meds including antibiotics to some success but acne still came back and my skin was still oily as hell. Topical treatment did very little for my skin. Spironolactone changed my life: Let me tell ya, about six months ago I was still miserable by acne. I fell into deep depression a
  5. I have had this problem for sometime. they are whiteheaded bumps that's soft and easy to break, they raise randomly anywhere. When i extract them there is little pus. can anyone help me? im almost clear if not for those bumps. thanks a lot
  6. my story is very much alike. Some weeks ago my skin looked really good and my mood was better.But this week I have to go to school and putting on full face of makeup all day, which made my skin look like sh**. Before the first day of school I was crying all day and my parents were really scared and frustrated. I was really scared of having to go to school and meeting people. Now I'm taking zyprexa, I hope this works
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that. I think my sister still doesn't believe I have a mental condition and still thinks I'm just a bitch. But I try my best to keep ignorant people like that out of my mind. I actually cry a lot these days and just scream out of the blue. I have to take new medication because the one I was taking didn't work out so well. It's really sad because now I'm starting to think that pills won't help me. My parents are really worried and my dad has been a big help, he actually hugge
  8. I'm taking antidepressants and my obsession over clogged pores on face is kind of slowing down. I still check my skin many times a day but I don't have the urge to extract them anymore.
  9. Today I took a look at my childhood pictures and realized how I miss the simple life back then... No acne, no topicals or medications, everybody was just so happy and smiling all the time. My childhood is not so great to be honest but it's still so much better than now. Or maybe it's because when looking back to the past, people tend to remember good memories....
  10. I can relate to almost all of that. Not doing anything has made me an antisocial person. Now going out meeting people is torturous and stressful. I don't know what to do when I'm around people. And it also made me the biggest bitch of all time, and there are people want me to die and despise me. Spent hundreds of hours and money on medications, makeup, topicals... and developed an obsession about my skin... People just effortlessly have nice skin and they can't understand what we're going throug
  11. perfect. 2 more big pimples. i decided to do one more tca peel before school starts. my skin would have been so good if i hadn't picked at it.
  12. just f*ck this sh*t. I was feeling good then the depression suddenly came back and I just extracted nearly every blackhead on my face and now it's full of redmarks. Gosh my skin was pretty good before I touched the extractor. Everytime I get stressed I just pick the hell out of my skin I'm going to my psychiatrist tomorrow to pick up some antidepressants. I don't want to take them but I'm so tired now, I cant even trust my own emotions because I've had depression for too long. When I'm happy I
  13. you can use cotton pads to wipe your face. They take out more oil/dirt
  14. Now I'm pretty clear. I still don't want to go anywhere fearing my face will break out again. Just stay in my room all day unless I have to go out ( going to school or buying groceries). Human interactions stress the hell out of me. I refuse to hang out with friends or to go on vacation: have to put on sunscreen, makeup, when I get home my face will be a big mess and I breakdown again, then I either eat a lot of junk food or cry and scream for hours. When I meet and talk to strangers I just want