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  1. Also, if you enlarge the pics, you'll actually see how bad my face is. In reality, it's pretty bad. Red, with dark spots all over that never seem to go away.
  2. I stopped after 1 day because I knew it was bad. The oil was a one time thing. And for differin gel, I been using it. It doesn't clear up my skin anymore. My cheeks continue to breakout for no reason. Differin just stopped so I stopped it.
  3. A little bit over 2 years ago in October, went to the Derm and got prescribed Differin because I had acne on my forehead. During mid May it all cleared up. 2 weeks later went on vacation, had dried skin, then my aunt told me to use baby oil for it (just my cheeks were dried). Foolishly (I knew oil in general is bad, but her skin was flawless so I didn't question it), I did what she said. I broke out ever since that day and I never had broke out on my cheeks before. I been using Differin Gel + Ce
  4. It's hard to have a New Years Resolution when you have acne and break out. I mean, this is what happens to me. I get acne, they leave marks, then I break out with more the next day. Last year I told myself that 2009 I'm hoping for at least a decent face with less acne or my original face, yet neither has happened. Acne ruined 2009 for me, and it'll probably ruin 2010 for me too. It's hard to remain positive when you get it and it leaves marks you know? So I basically gave up my plans for 2010 be
  5. Does anyone know a good product/home remedies/tips to fade red acne marks? I've had them for a while now, some of them for even 10 months. It really sucks because the pimple goes away, but the red mark are just a reminder of it. Do red acne marks even fade? Seems like they last forever, so if anyone knows any good products/tips/food or anything please inform me because I'm tired of not going out because of them. I'm currently using Cetaphil Daily Clensar, Differin Gel (skins been dry), and Cetap
  6. First off, let me say some things about myself. My acne is pretty moderate, most of them are red marks and some brown. I'm a 15 year old male who is kinda bored often, so I decided that I'm going to start working out and dieting. I'm going to do situps, pushups, crunches, and a lot of running and is going to start eating healthier such as nuts, fish, more fruits, egg whites, etc..I kind of want to get stronger, so yeah. Anyways my question is this, if I work out more, am I going to start getting
  7. Uhm, what do you mean by pre-mature aging? And I never broke out on my cheeks before until I put the baby oil on my dried cheeks. I have so many red marks that still haven't fade and it's been months. Anyways do you have any tips on what I should do to help the marks/scars go away?
  8. Well my forehead is clear now, but i got a lot of acne on my cheeks because I put baby oil on my cheeks when I had dried skin....
  9. Okay so here's my story. About 2 years ago, I had acne on my forehead and my sister took me to the dermatologist. I was prescribled Differin Gel .1% along with Cetaphil Daily clensar. After 7 months, I was acne free! I had like 1 bump but that was it and I felt great. A week later my skin was really dry, so my aunt told me to put baby oil on my dried cheeks . I questioned her and said that I would break out, but she said I wouldn't. She was really good when it came to skin, so I put the oil on
  10. Let me say your skin is looking good. Nothing to worry about, but you do have red acne marks. I'm sure that they will fade, but it takes time. Sometimes red marks can last up to 3 months, maybe even a year. It all depends, but it will fade, it just needs some time.
  11. Yeah. I use to talk to girls and go out a lot. But when I started to have more acne, it just made me depressed.
  12. Doesn't it suck when people make comments about your acne? They say stuff like "you don't have a life" or "you'll always be a loser." I mean I hate it when people say that to me, but I realized that it's true. My acne is what destroys me and my social life. Sure people tell me that my acne isn't that bad, but I still FEEL the same way as people with more severe acne. I feel that no matter what I do to my face, acne will always destroy it. I can't go out, and I stay home all day because of it. Su
  13. Until you go see the dermatologist, don't try anything else. When you wash your face, you got to scrub gently. Don't do it too hard, or else it'll bleed. Just gently rub through your skin, and pat dry. But other than that, wait for the dermatologist to find a solution. Try drinking more water alright? Maybe sun flower seeds because they contain vitamin E.
  14. Hmm, most of your acne are pimples, red marks, and some scars. The scars won't turn out that bad, you won't have a crater on your face, but some of the marks are kind of indented which will leave a small hole. But it shouldn't be that horrible. Have you used any acne products before? Like Proactiv or something? If you haven't you might want to try that. Maybe it'll work. You should try Dan's regimen. Or go to the Dermatologist to see what he might prescribe for you. Going to the Dermatologist wo
  15. Yours is barely mild. To me, you look fine. You have a few red marks on your cheeks, but that will go away in time. Your forehead isn't that bad. Maybe some acne cream would make it go away. I used Differin Gel, it works great for forehead. Anyways that's just my suggestion but you have no scars. As long as you keep your hands away from your face, you won't have scars. Overall, you look good.