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  1. This thread is dead because Green Cream only works for LionQueen, and she gets good and pissed off dare you say ANYTHING negative about this overpriced vitamin a cream. Heaven help you if you mention any other effective over the counter vitamin a creams that you can easily buy, which are just as effective and cheaper. Right Lion?
  2. Dan, hope you read this. I was a firm believer in lactic acid products until I discovered products with niacinamide. Now I no longer get any irritation from BP. The irritation was a continual factor for me - even after years of usage - and this made me stop bp treatment and experiment with other products. PLEASE ASK YOUR CHEMIST about the ingredient niacinamide before you finalize your moisturizer formulation! Any research on pub med, etc. will tell you niacinamide is a very soothing, anti
  3. Is Freederm the UK version of what we have here in the States (Nicomide T)? This is a form of niacinamide that keeps redness away. I am using it successfully with my BP. It is great stuff, very underrated. I use the Olay line of moisturizers over my BP as well; the Total Effects and Regenerist lines contain niacinamide - a very effective anti-irritant.
  4. ...totally disagree with Huxley. Salicylic acid cleansers work as wonderful anti-inflammatories, even if the ph level is "off." Salicylic acid is a great, gentle exfoliator for acned skin.
  5. Contrary to what a lot of folks on this board say, blasting MURAD, lots of folks have found success with it. I feel the Murad Acne system is an excellent product myself, and I'm glad it's working for you.
  6. How funny, I just posted on this too the other day. I too feel like a walking comercial for Proactiv. For those who say it doesn't work or get discouraged, may I say that some cases are tougher than others. I am one of those who did not clear up overnight. I was persistent. My face cleared up fairly quickly, but honestly, that stubborn cystic acne around my jawline took almost a year to be totally clear. I never gave up, and was rewarded. Once to experiment, I stopped using Proactiv for
  7. Red, yes, I have tried salicylic acid by itself. I've tried everything under the sun. I've logged on here in the past, all gung-ho over some new acne treatment, only to find myself breaking out a few weeks later and being embarrassed by my initial public excitement! Salicylic acid by itself just doesn't do it for me. I still break out. However, I found the combination of HP and salicylic acid to be very synergistic. I don't break out, plus I get that great exfoliation from SA, because my po
  8. Red, I went into Medscape and read the Crystacide study and it seems that in the study the cream was intended as a BP alternative to acne and not for wound healing. I know the stability of HP is a controversial issue, and I personally feel that it does kill the bacteria as well as BP. But aside from the stability issue, do you think it's as safe as BP? BP has been in use for acne over 30 years, but then again I guess HP has been around 100 years! I feel it is as safe as BP. Do you have any
  9. I don't know if he'd change it, but at the very least everyone should research this. I hung onto to BP for years because it kept me clear. I even went up to the 10% to control my oily skin, but then went back down to 2.5% after many months because I developed much irritation. But as I've gotten older even the 2.5% BP caused too much irritation. Even with clear skin, that always annoyed me. Still I hung on because I was cleared up. When I stopped BP and experimented with other things like
  10. Red, do you think that quick blast of hydrogen peroxide (from now on called HP), is as effective as BP cream which stays on all day? I've personally found that even using the liquid (brown bottle) in combination with salicylic acid is enough to keep my skin looking great. Maybe we don't need something working continuously...I don't know...the tests on HP WERE done using a cream formulation. If you go on drugstore.com website, there are at least 3 pages of rave reviews about the Philosophy for
  11. it's definitely ok to use as a toner. I do it all the time when I'm out of the Philosophy cream. Also, I just went on drugstore.com. You can order from Red's links above. Both Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Cleansing Pads and Clearasil Ultra Acne Fighting Cleansing Wipes contain hydrogen peroxide AND salicylic acid. So you get a bacteria-zapper and exfoliator in one. I really wanted the UK version of Clearasil Ultra cream which combines hydrogen peroxide and salicyclic acid (the US version use
  12. Redseven, I can't thank you enough for posting this! Also thanks for the link to the clearasil ultra pads here in the states that contains hydrogen peroxide. I almost ordered from a uk pharmacy (the UK version of clearasil ultra cream that combines hydrogen peroixde with salicylic acid), but my husband warned me that if my debit card numbers were ever stolen overseas, there is no recourse. So I was afraid to order. You are entirely correct. Newest studies show that hydrogen peroxide is as e
  13. The Philosophy Acne Kit got rave reviews on drugstore.com if you're interested in reading them- there's 3 pages worth from a lot of different people. A little while back I researched hydrogen peroxide for acne and ran across a medline research article which found stabilized hyrodgen peroxide cream to be just as effective as 4% BP, but with minimal irritation. This acne kit is so popular, drugstore.com is now sold out but will get a shipmnet in 2 weeks. Meanwhile I ordered the hydrogen peroxid
  14. Star, the UK formulation is very interesting! There are some companies coming out with formulations now using hydrogen peroxide instead of benzoyl peroxide; one that comes to mind is Philosophy who puts out an acne kit. Actually Murad's acne kit used to use a formulation of hydrogen peroxide along with salicylic acid, but now they've taken out the hydrogen peroxide and put in Triclosan instead - another antibacterial that's probably cheaper. Interesting enough Paula Begouin, who prides hersel
  15. BP does NOT cause wrinkles. I should know. I'm going to be 52, have used BP for several years now, and it causes dryness, but NOT wrinkles. Listen, I've had a love-hate relationhip with BP for about a year now. I hate that I'm 52 and still have to use it TWICE a day to keep my skin clear. I've stopped using it, experimenting with niacinamide creams, etc., you name it, I've tried it, and in a week or two I break out and go back to BP. At 51 I became a rebellious teenager! So what I'm tryin