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  1. After being on Accutane, Retin-A, and Obagi to clear up my acne many years ago, things were under control so I stopped everything and just stuck to face wash, toner, moisturizers and sunblock. While it worked for a couple of years, eventually blackheads really built up and I started to break out again. Mind you, I'm 29 now and my skin started to act up about 2.5 years ago (perhaps it was related to hitting a particular age). Now I suffer mostly from non-inflamed acne, blackheads and occasio
  2. Holy moly, your skin looks fantastic! Obviously the regimen you are on is working wonders for you. I have the same problem where I aggravate my skin more by picking. Did you used to find that your skin would have small raised bumps (a clogged pore)? Have you ever used Dan's BP? I'm using that right now so trying to figure out if the SA+ will work in conjunction with it. Just debating buying the AHA+ or SA+ to add to my BP regimen now. I appreciate any tips you may have. Thanks!