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    NOTE: If you ever need somebody to talk to, hit me up. :)<br />I used to suffer from depression (caused by moy LOW self esteem) and still experience frequent anxiety attacks, and I know that sometimes it just helps to let it all out.

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  1. I guess I'm weird, but I don't like people touching my face like that! It just seems strange. I don't like massages either, and I get really ticklish when I get my hair washed at the salon. If it would actually help my face then I might suffer through it, but like you I don't really know if it will do any good.
  2. I have trouble crying. It just doesn't come naturally to me. When I want to cry I have to listen to sad songs and think of people dying just to squeeze a few tears out! I miss being able to cry hysterically like I did when I was a kid because I felt so much better being able to let it all out. I've started screaming into pillows instead, it helps. XD
  3. I pretty much only drink water. I might have some fruit juice a couple times a week, the occasional cup of tea/latte/soda, ect, but rarely. Anything else doesn't really sit well on my stomach, and I've noticed that a lot of water keeps my skin from being so dry. I've learned that sugar can weaken your immune system if consumed too much, and the "fake" sugars in diet soda are even more harmful that regualr cane sugar. That and ALL THOSE CALORIES!!! When I learned more about sodas I just lost all
  4. I use Purpose cleanser to remove my makeup and as my regular cleanser. Believe it or not, it takes off mascara and whatnot. I assume that Dan's cleanser is about the same. You shoul be fine.
  5. On the rare occasion that I wear powder makeup I just use a cotton ball and dab evenly. It doesn't go on so even with blush though, lol. For that you may need a brush.
  6. I would like to know if anyone has had more luck with SA than BP too...also, can you use them both at the same time? Don't worry, we'll be nice to you.
  7. I'm trying to get to a derm, but because of financial and insurance reasons it probably won't happen for at least a few months. I'm doing the best I can with what I have.
  8. Thanks, I tried the advil and it helped. I'm going to look into the Neosporin, too.
  9. I'm a female. If I don't masturbate my usual 1-2 times a day, my face breaks out and I get depressed. Maybe I'm just a freak.
  10. I get small but very painful pimples on my forehead, and if I even touch them a little bit they THROB. They feel better after my cold showers but then start to hurt again. My face hurts when I wiggle my eyebrows, lol. Is there anything I can do to take the pain/swelling down or do I just have to wait it out? Would an Advil help at all? Thanks
  11. Like a week ago I decided to test some lemon juice on my skin. Thankfully I only put it on like 1 square inch of my face that can be hidden with my bangs, because two days later I had FIVE NEW PIMPLES in that area. And they aren't the nice ones that you can just pop and they leave, oh no. They're those nasty oil-filled it-looks-like-a small-tumor-on-my-face kind. Thank you, hair, and thank you, cakey concealer, that this mishap did not ruin my school pictures. Yeah. And I was mostly clear befo
  12. I know how you feel. I felt so disappointed with myself yesterday. A family member passed away on Tuesday and I found myself wondering what kind of lighting there would be at the funeral home.
  13. You know it's not really the acne that bothers me the most, it's my face in general. Don't get me wrong, I think that I'm pretty in real life. But every picture day I manage to make a weird face/wear the wrong shirt/get a random clump of hair sticking straight up, ect. It's kinda sad but funny at the same time. And people tell me that I take nice pictures but I just can't believe them. It's safe to say that I'm somewhat afraid to get my picture taken, lol.
  14. Who else hates school picture day? It's a been a traumatic experience for me since I was 6 and lost my cuteness. Oh, and since I was 10 and got acne on top of my not-cuteness. Anyone else feel this way? When are your pictures? EEK. Mine are next Wednesday.
  15. Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to make a travel/trial size bottle for the AHA and the Jojoba oil. My reasons are: 1) I REALLY want to try the AHA but I don't want to pay $16 for something that might not agree with my skin, but if it were maybe a 2 oz. trial size I would feel much more comfortable. 2) Same with the Jojoba, I want to try it but don't think I would use very much...? 3) These sizes would be cheaper and more convenient for travel I would just like to know if other pe