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  1. I hope you are doing well...

  2. Thank you for your Good Advice on Acne bit. I have been doing the oil cleansing, but will try the BP and the Vinegar toner too.

  3. Ya, try starting with small amounts of BP again, and then slowly work your way back up.
  4. I thought you already had a moisturizer because you are using the regimen... if you don't you can just use the jojoba instead.
  5. Will companies ship internationally, or are you wanting something you can pick up locally?
  6. Try using the moisturizer + Jojoba before applying the BP. Also, try washing your skin only at night... in the morning use water and your hands to remove left over product. Give it a week and then try to slowly introduce the AHA into your regimen again.
  7. I'm the same age as you... Congrats on finishing college for Elementary Education! To think that if I'd kept with with it, I too would be doing the same. Anyway, after I quit my first year I figured day care/pre-school was the the next best thing and ended up being head teacher of the 4 year old class. Best age ever they are very sweet, accepting, and totally honest. The were always asking what was on my face, and when I started to gain wait they wanted to know if there was a baby in my tummy!
  8. Agreed... I use to get these on my cheeks and chin. I have no clue what specifically cleared that problem up (must have been the accutane). If that was the case, then maybe the focus should be on sebum production? How long have you constantly been using the AHA, and what is your current regimen?
  9. Just to let people of the UK know. Got my order today. Atually took less time than I thought. Had to pay a customs fee though (Damn It!!) £14.50p So how exactly does customs work? Do they not release the package until the fee is payed?
  10. Good luck! If you have troubles with picking, you could try putting NO PICKING post-it notes on all your mirrors (that's what helped me).
  11. This is only my advice. I wish to tell something different to individuals strugling with their skin. I think it has good worth... it's no different than anyone elses advice and comments. I feel good about it.
  12. I am a very blunt and upfront individual. Sometimes this is a good trait, and sometimes not so much... There are many ways that people have cleared their skin and when it comes down to it that is all that matters. However, I feel that allot of people go through so much crap before obtaining their goals (if they obtain them at all), and I just don't think it should be so complicated. As I have said, being here on acne.org has nothing to do with my personal products or website, an thus so should
  13. I believe that by simplifying the causes and treatment of acne that a larger group of people are able to benefit. This post is not about that which I cannot discuss, it is about what I have found to be true about skin care and spreading the word. I said that you should start with Jojoba or Grapeseed Oil because the least amount of people would react badly to them. Everyone is different. Try mixing different oils to suit your skin. As I said, find out what works for you. These are a few princ