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Side Effects Aren't Worth It
I've suffered from debilitating acne for the last 14 years. I've been on every OTC and prescription medication in the books, including three rounds of Accutane. After suffering hair trauma earlier this year, I discovered MSM. I initially started taking it for hair growth, but soon noticed a 100% clearance in my skin. I cried the day I was complimented four times by complete strangers on the beauty of my skin. I was taking a relatively low dose, 500mg every other day to every three days. I no

By AllsonWonderland,

The Side Effects were Terrible
Extreme fatigue Dizziness Did not help acne This drug has helped a lot of people, so I'm a little weary posting this review considering I had a relatlvely negative experience. My acne is hormonal (PCOS). This drug was given to me by my dermatologist who was convinced this would help. I took it from November 2012 to September 2013, only just stopping last week. Not only did this not help my acne at all, it also caused me to be EXTREMELY fatigued. I also had quite a few of the negativ

By AllsonWonderland,