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  1. Hey guys Thanks so much for your posts I haven't been online forever, very busy at work and then two weeks of holidays - the humid climate did wonders for my somewhat dry skin, I didn't need to moisturize at all!! Amazing... But anway, today is Day 78 and I have NO actives. Not a single one. Haven't had one for 10 days. There is one tiny cyst on my cheek, next to my ear, that has been lingering for like three weeks, but who cares, it doesn't do anything and is not even red. In the last thr
  2. Don't know if anybody's still reading here, but here we go: Day 41 (I think) Skin's definitely calming down and starts to look better. Or let's say: it's stabilized right now - I don't want to jinx it, every time I say it gets better, it in fact becomes a lot worse... I'm not clear yet, though. One small active on my right cheek, other than that: nothing except for a few receding cysts and red marks. So while my skin is not active, it still doesn't look "calm". I had two big pustules last weeke
  3. Thank you so much Paco I'm feeling a little better now, cause Day 31 I feel like my skin is calming down somewhat. I had two HUGE pustules though (no cysts), that emptied just before. Two of them were in a very nasty part on my right cheek that I've ALWAYS had trouble with and that would develop into inflamed cysts ALL the time. So I'm trying to tell myself that now that they've finally emptied and cleared, they will never come back. Honestly, we're talking YEARS here and they have never empt
  4. Day 28 Skin was better at the beginning of this week, but has since gotten considerably worse. Some pimples empty surprisingly fast and clear within a reasonable two days without leaving a noticeable red mark (had two or three of these in the past couple of days). But I have also, yet again, a few new cysts on my right cheek and one on the left, what an annoying bullshit. Side effects: dry lips. Itchy skin. This is starting to really piss me off, I would expect more after a month of this cra
  5. Oh yeah, Italian drivers... They have a VERY bad reputation in Europe, now everybody knows why... Glad you and you're family are doing fine!!
  6. Day 24 Skin somewhat better. A few new actives over the weekend, some very small, one medium-sized one should empty tomorrow, another one emptied yesterday. Cysts are disappearing, but slowly. Other than that, no new cysts (at least one thing to be happy about). A few new bumps, but quite deep, they don't hurt and they don't look as if they'd come to the surface (except for one, I think). Kinda weird, but anyway. They're not inflamed or red, just sort of "there". You can only see them in bad lig
  7. Day 21 No real improvement, but not worse either. Some cysts on my right cheek (some really deep, you can't see them, just feel them and they hurt; two are decreasing), some on my left (one decreasing) and a real painful shitty pustule next to my lip (no cyst) - yeah, really great. It was bleeding like crazy earlier today, perfect, I looked as if somebody had punched me in the face. Side effects: dry lips. And my jaw hurts a little. Don't know if that's from the tane, but even if it is: no big
  8. Thank you sooo much guys!! I just hope this is over soon. I still look like crap. My face hurts. I just want to stay home, I hate going out looking like this, it's so horrible, worse than ever, honestly... I want this to be over in a few days, I am not gonna look like this for many weeks to come. This is worse than the couple of cysts I usually have and this ain't worth it... I'm going to buy an Avene moisturizer just now - my skin itches and I think it's time to use it afterall. George's Sis
  9. Day 17 Fuck this. Honestly. I look like shit. Three pustules developed literally over night on my left cheek - okay yes, they look like they're going to clear within two days, but still. Right cheek still looking like crap with a few cysts decreasing and some new pustules flaming up (no cysts, though, I think). This is bullshit!
  10. day 15 and 16 Not much news. Cysts from last week are healing very very slowly which is somewhat annoying. There's a pustule forming on my left cheek and one small one on the right. Other than that, quite okay, still not better, but also not really worse. Skin a little dry, but still not too much. Hurt a little today, though. Lips are getting a bit drier, too. Other than that: no side effects.
  11. day 13 and 14 Skin on forehead is getting very dry (guess that's a good sign). I think I peeled off a whole layer of skin during work today I don't really mind, though. It just started to get dry this morning, but I think I'll have it under perfect control with some moisturizer. I don't break out on my forehead (or t-zone in general) and if I do like three times a year, it's a small pimple that empties and clears within a day, so even if I get a few pimples due to the moisturizing, I can hand
  12. Your doctor should definitely know that taking accutane and tetracycline at the same time is not the best idea. Plus it's written in the patient information that comes with each accutane package.
  13. I doubt this was swelling of the brain. These were only plain regular headaches. A swelling of the brain is a somewhat different and definitely more serious issue.
  14. Hey guys Thank you soooo much for all your posts, this really helps!! I'm trying hard to hang in there right now, but I hope I'll be through the worst part soon... redtwo: No, my skin tone is medium with a slightly yellow undertone I actually went back to using just sunblock now. I think my skin didn't agree with the moisturizer yet. The reaction was so typical, two days of moisturizer - hello cysts. It's always been like that in the past, so I really think the moisturizer is the culprit her