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  1. ... you need to get rid of dead skin or something trust me on this, once you get rid of dead skins the pore will open
  2. hello Iam almost done with my BP 8oz bottle so i came here to buy one and it is in diff container now i havent been here or long time so i obviously didnt kno there was a change.. so what should i do abot dosage?? ive been using about 1full pump or a bit less for regimen now how much of BP dosage with tube container would be a one full pump of bottle?? please help thans
  3. going to the beach was the first error, its not sunscreen, its the beach. everythingabout beach isnt good for acne uv rays salinity in the air salt water dirts in sand etc... i had to go to beach last time and i put my cetaphil suncreen moist and did nothing there it sucked but prevented future possible acnes you cant do anyting about acne that is already formed, some people say they get healed by BP, but bullshxt, that isnt possible, so just take well care for your skin a
  4. yea seriously man even if its not a sweat, if any liquid goes on my face it turns white and it looks freaking gross i spilled water while drinking it, and i had a white liquid coming down from my mouth and it didnt hella look right i am so stressful that i have to take care of everything so extremly which is a thing i hate about bp.
  5. I have oily,but kinda dehydrated skin, my skin feels dried and stretched but its full of oil on surface and sensitive skin
  6. i use cetaphil moist w spf 15 for day time and i have few question about it 1.is shiny facial skin after sunscreen normal? 2.after applying sunscreen there's massive oil on the skin, (which is from sunscreen) is that ok? 3.If you absorb the oil that was left from sunscreen with tissure or oil film, would that take away the effect of sunscreen? 4.Does sunscreen help skin to heal? (thats what it says on the box "by protecting skin from sun it helps skin to heal or something") 5.Does cetaphil
  7. the thing is i am using cetaphil moisturizer moist w spf 15 for day time moist for night time should i INCREASE the amount of moisturizer?? i use one full pump for just regular cetaphil moist and 4 pumps for moist w spf 15 (reg moist 1pump is about same as 4 pump of spf15 moist)
  8. ok.. ive been on regimen for 5 weeks and im seeing better result and im happy w that redness is gone... but i still have driness, and itchy skin for driness, i dont get flaky skin or anything but my face feels just dried whenever i do any kinda of facial expression. the only way to explain this is ... just think of crispy donuts they are soft inside but hard crisp out side my skin feels like that so when i dont do any facial move, its ok but whenever i do facial expression it feels so
  9. the thing that people are always missing is that the body is very smart and it kinda acts on its own to protect itself... for those who have oily skin, you will get even more oily cuz of BP it is cuz BP absorbs the water and dries it out, which makes skin dry, and cuz of that, the body will produce more oil to protect your skin, so instead of having even amount of water + oil, you will have more of oil. do you see what i am talking about?? thats why if you wash your hair many times, you
  10. ive been on regimen for a month now, it looks about the same from 1st week it might be red marks thats confusing me that they look like acne i dont know but help i always waited till first month to see any difference and it looks about the same what the hell did i do to deserve this seriously, my face was clean, there was nothing on it till about March and over the few monthes, booom, it became like this, need some advice please i hate how people assume that i dont wash myself when i
  11. my friend came over to sleep and he told me when im sleeping i scratch my face like a monkey or something i guess its cuz my face gets itcy (ive been on regimen for a month now, and it still itches, redness is almost gone because i reduced BP amount to about 3/4~1full pump) i dont even recall myself scratching my face!! i dont have any scar or any sign on my skin that i scratched it but my friend told me that i do what do i do to stop this problem? help i obviously cant control myself whi
  12. ive been on regimen for a month now im kinda not satisfied with a month result for now i constantly get break outs (considering i had tons of little seed things before i started regimen i guess i the pimples i have right now were formed before regimen) well number of break out did decrease, so i guess that would be the result. well the problem is i hate how bp bleaches clothes so easily i always becareful, but its so annoying any advice?? (i have no problem when wearing and taking off clot
  13. it doesnt clear you, like.. it doesnt heal or clear up the acne.. it just prevents for acne to happen so you cant do nothing about acne that is already formed (bullcrap to those who say it does heal acne, nothing like that happened to anybody) according to success stories and all, it seems it prevents any kind of acne but most of people who had success experience had mild to moderate acnes
  14. ive been on regimen for over 3 weeks, reaching 4th. my face is still noticibly red people are shocked by my redness rather than my acnes it seems redness makes acne look worse anyways dont tell me to decrease the amount cuz ive already have and went down to almost one full pump, meaning i dont fully do 1 full pump but use it about 3/4??? 4/5?? something like that i have very very light skin, and its so white, my eye part skins are only white and rest are a bit red (it isnt super red, it
  15. i cant believe youre worrying about your acne when you are going into jail. yea you are pretty much screwed dude.