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  1. Yeah, the lady I go to for facials says she refuses to wax people who use topical retinoids. She said it practically rips their skin off and leaves the area raw. That's only on the areas where the retinoids are being used though.
  2. I used Differin for a week and broke out pretty badly. I stopped using it two days ago because it looks as if I have chicken pox! While using the Differin, I would get white heads that could easily be removed. Normally, they wouldn't even leave a mark, but with the differin my face bruised and the marks became red. I just want to know how long it takes for the marks and scabs from differin usage to go away.
  3. I've found the Clinique "city stick" is great for dry skin. Just wash your hands, put some on your finger, and blend in on the dry/red area. It offers a lot of coverage and you won't have to put a ton on your face. You only have to spot treat with it. It never broke me out. I always use it on scabs and dry skin. It's like $20 and lasts forever.
  4. I figured I would post about this since it caused me so many problems a little over a year ago. I started drinking a lot of soy milk thinking it would be far more healthy than skim milk. Then, my acne started to become awful. It remained in that awful state for months and months...and months. So then, I went to a month long camp. During that month, I ate the same type of meals as I normally ate, however I did not have access to soymilk. I drank skim for that entire time. When I arrived home, my
  5. I bought one of those remover things too and promised myself I was only going to use it on little blackheads and obvious white heads. I ended up going to town with it on some larger, cystic type zits that didn't have any head on them yet. I'm too out of control to be trusted with one of those things. haha Needless to say, I threw that thing out..
  6. I'm in on this. I really need to stop, this habit is ruining my face. My goal is to be able to get out of the shower, and have a fresh, clear face that I won't have to apply any foundation to. I just had a major pick session this morning and enough is enough. I'm done starting now.
  7. I managed to stop picking for a month. During that month, not only was my skin free of scabs, it was absolutely zit free. My moderately severe acne disappeared. I would get an occasional blind cystic zit, but it was not visible at all and easy to spot treat and VERY easy to just cover with a bit of concealer. It was the best skin I've had in a long time. Not picking helped me.
  8. I'm here because not many people take this problem seriously. My dermatologist frowned upon it, I went to therapy to see if they could help, and they ignored it, and my family won't really cooperate to help me, they say "just stop picking". As you probably know, it's freakin' hard! I've been picking since I was in elementary school. Now, I am 18 and my acne did get worse, however, I pick more than EVER. My face looks like a scabby, infected mess and I just obsessively stare at it and put lotio