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  1. Im sure those times were relative to whatever sleep schedule they were on..
  2. take that info with a very large grain of salt. a salt boulder perhaps.
  3. More breaking news! Autoclaving your face at 300*F will stop acne as well!
  4. Well i use neutrogena for combination, and it isnt quite as moisturizing as eucerin skin renewal. The eucerin really is an awesome moisturizer.. See my reviews on the products page..
  5. One of the ingredients should be an enzyme that would convert the willow bark extract into a salicylic acid form. But that's just my theory. ← Sorry but that is highly unlikely. Any product claiming to contain enzymes that do anything is probably bogus. For one thing, enzymes require energy, and degrade easily, etc etc... Short answer, no
  6. Never heard that, why would they be? I'm assuming you have acne on your neck, or what? You might also try just using bp once a day for a while, and washing/moisturizing the other time..
  7. you might try adding in a stronger AHA in addition to the moisturizer. Theres the alpha hydrox brand, but I'm currently using a walgreens generic, seems to work wonders.. heres the link http://www.wallgreens.com/store/product.jh...jump&navCount=0
  8. Breaking news! Boiling your face will prevent all acne!!