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  1. my acne got better for my first few days on tane. then...the IB. just know it could happen to you and its not fun, but just think its gotta get worse before it gets better. and the IB is usually the worst wave of it and then it gradually lessens. ask your doc about prednisone, it REALLY helped me through the IB
  2. Ok so after my IB I went to my doc and got a month prescription of prednisone. Im on 2 pills for 2 weeks and 1 pill for 2 weeks daily. For those of you fighting an IB or feel it coming on, I highly recommend prednisone. It really helps in a matter of a week and you will see significant improvement. My question is I am about to begin tapering off to the one pill a day and im wondering if ill still see these miraculous effects or will my acne slowly get worse? I have prom next weekend and Im jus
  3. I understand that the skin is easily irritated and susceptible to burns while on accutane. Being a very active and outdoorsy person however, im wondering if its possible to get a tan without burning? Such as going out unprotected for a few minutes and tanning while putting mild sunscreen on my face and then putting the strong stuff on? Idk any advice would be cool. thx
  4. thanks! i usually shave in the shower too so i guess ill just give it a shot and see how it goes!
  5. So im on my 7th day on tane and am having my IB. just a ton of pustules that are slowly drying and flaking off. My question is about shaving with this? I have them mostly on my chin and below my nose so shaving is important there or it gets out of control. Im worried however that it will cause it too much irritation/reduction in healing/scarring. Any tips? (I use mach3 turbo with aveeno therapeutic shaving gel [noncomodegenic]) Thanks!
  6. Hi I just started my 7th day on accutane and the IB has started. It has been hell and is absolutely the worst breakout ive ever seen. It's also proving to be more persistent. Ive been fearing my senior prom which is in less than a month so I heard of prednisone. I was just prescribed pred 2x daily 10mg for 2 weeks and 1x daily for 2 weeks after that so a total of 1 month on it. I hear this stuff REALLY helps with the IB and helps keep the acne down. Im just hoping it will keep me clear enough f
  7. So i am on my 6th day of accutane and i have a few questions. For one I have already been experiencing the dry lips and dry face. is that normal for it to happen that quickly? im on 40mg. Also, I do not experience my cystic or red inflamed acne lesions. I typically only get pustular acne on my nose, upper lip and chin. My cheeks have never and are perfectly clear. I was wondering if accutane works faster for this type of acne since it seems like if the oil production was reduced/stopped should
  8. So i do not have very severe nodular or cystic acne but am mostly struggling with very persistent pustules. Does accutane work faster in reducing this type of acne since it is not that severe? I generally do not mind redness caused by nonpustular acne but the pustular drives me nuts. thanks in advance
  9. Ok after dealing with acne for about 3 years consistently now I am strongly considering accutane. I dont have a big problem with cystic or nodule acne but mostly i have VERY persistent pustules that remain on my chin and nose particularly. My cheeks and body remain virtually flawless in my eyes yet my chin bothers me so much I just can't wait this out. Ive tried tetra, mino, retina, epiduo, benzaclin, clindamycin, and acczone but none have given me success. I really only see improvement in the
  10. So ive been reading about how cold showers could help cure acne. Now that ive thought about it, my acne does seem to get worse after long and hot baths/showers, although seemingly improved at first. I was wondering if I should just keep it kinda warm for most of my shower, then turn on the cold for a few minutes to close my pores. Is this a good idea?
  11. So my doctor just prescribed Retin-a to me about 4 weeks ago. Ive been using it every night and he also gave me something called Aczone to use in the morning. Im also on minocycline 100mg 2x daily. Ive been using the retina every night but missing some of the aczone since it dries me out too much. I had a very bad initial breakout which was expected and it cleared up some after that. But now a few days later after it started clearing (still using the medicine) it is breaking out worse than the f
  12. Hey guys, this is a post just to express my thoughts and my problems right now seeing as theres no one I can really talk to at the moment about these things. Lately Ive been battling a lot with myself about insecurity issues. Im currently a senior in high school and this goes back to freshman year, the year my problems started. So when I was younger my life was flawless, cookie cutter home with no worries. Then when I turned 10, we moved to a new state and I had to start over. I had gained a l