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  1. 40 mg :) I had severely dry skin , bloody nose , back pains , dry eyes & lips ...
  2. Accutane breakout? I never broke out while I was on Accutane :)
  3. Accutane breakout? I never broke out while I was on Accutane :)
  4. I wrote a review on Accutane on my blog Hope all of you enjoy ! Since I just started posting I don't have much ... but I will also be posting about what make-up works best with acne . Feel free to check it out ! Visit My Accutane Blog
  5. I rarely change the products I use because they work so well with my skin. My skin is extremely dry I can't use any other brand except for Cetaphil lol Maybe it is stress, I tend to stress out easily. I've tryed a lot of different prescribed creams & meds but eventually my skin becomes immune to them. For example... My retin-A has no effect on my skin even if I use large ammounts.
  6. Summer of 2009 I broke out terribly & had cystic acne all over my face. It wasn't until the following September I took Accutane which completely cleared it all up. My skin looked awesome ever since, even if I have some scarring. I used to only break out with 2 or 3 pimples a month. This summer I'm starting to notice a change in my skin again. I get pimples almost daily & it takes longer for them to heal. I'm not sure what to do at this point & I'm wondering if anyone has any remedies
  7. I used to have a similar problem like this. My derm prescribed this stuff called Clindamycin phosphate lotion for the tiny dry bumps behind my nose. It worked very well.
  8. I havent changed anything...but I have been having a cold for over a week. Could that be a reason why I'm getting these strange blisters?
  9. My lips arent usually sensitive but they are extremely dry. Could this be what caused them to blister?
  10. Well as you can see from the pictures above something exploded on my lip. I'm not really sure if its a pimple, cold sore, or boil. I would love to go to the derm but they wont schedule my appointment until 3 months from now. These bumps appeared when I was at school, and they started off as a small bump on my upper and lower lip. They are extremely itchy and painful. My Lips look deformed ughh I tried icing them for an hour and applying 3 different coldsore creams. But no success. Im startin
  11. My derm.. "Don't worry i'll make you pretty." What the heck is he trying to imply here? & my ultimate favorite... "What happened to your face?" Hmm idk a volcano exploded (:
  12. not really, i've had cysts before when I was in terrible condition. It's a boil like the kind you get on your arm or back. but its fairly small.
  13. I've been getting tiny boils on my face, probably 3 times a month for the past 3 years. I don't know why or how I get them. & I'm wondering if theres anyway to prevent them?
  14. They will work if you crush them to a powder, it will just be a little more difficult this way. They will not easily dissolve in alcohol or water, like an uncoated aspirin would. thanks! it worked pretty well(:
  15. I recently purchased Equate aspirin & it says its coated but are very lightly coated. Can I still use them or will they not work for a facial?[ attachment=31894:00681131..._215X215.jpg]