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  1. Did you have a discussion with your dermatologist about the possibility of an IB? I discussed it with mine, and while she was confident I would not have one (I did not), we discussed the possibility of prescribing prednisone in the event things got out of hand. If you are breaking out far more than normal, call your dermatologist's office and ask to be seen. I have to say the breakouts I did experience came and went pretty quickly. Hang in there and good luck!
  2. I have been put on a Tazorac maintenance program post-accutane. Basically, I am to use it 3x a week to increase cell turnover and keep future breakouts away. I am supposed to start 2 weeks after my course ends. I am glad to hear others are put on some type of retinoid maintenance program. Hope this helps!
  3. You are not supposed to use any type of peels while you are taking accutane and for 6 months following the end of your course. You should tell you dermatologist about all of the things you are using for your skin (topicals, peels, cleansers, etc.) and they should not prevent you from getting a prescription for accutane if your dermatologist feels it's appropriate. Good luck.
  4. I guess this subject is always open to interpretation and there are no hard or fast rules where the use of topicals is concerned. My ARNP wants me to start a topical 2 weeks after I finish my course. I am in my 5th and last month. She actually wants to prescribe me Tazorac and said it's good for wrinkles, too.
  5. @ Mrs. Martin Blank - your husband's vasectomy is a primary form of birth control on ipledge. You simply have to say you are using condoms as your secondary form. I think it's not widely recognized by dermatologists as a primary, I know mine was not sure when she was entering my information. I did my research so I would understand my options with ipledge and was grateful I did not have to back on the pill (I hate ipledge!!!). @ Diana1234, I agree with headtrip_honey. As much as I think it'
  6. I was told I would need to begin using a retinoid 2 weeks after ending accutane. I had the stats at one point, but basically the ARNP told me that I have a greater chance of keeping my acne at bay with a retinoid. I believe this is because it increases cell turnover.
  7. Mine is always in stock. On the ipledge website you can find pharmacies in your area that carry the medication. I usually call ahead to one to see what brand they carry and if they have the correct dosage. I do this after I answer my questions. Its saves a lot of time. Good luck.
  8. I got these rashes early on and I am my 4th month. I bought a lotion from La Roche Posay - it's Lipikar Replenishing Body Milk. I ordered it on-line. I use it religiously 2x day and it has done the trick. I used it 3x a day the first week of the rashes and it stopped them. It is cold and very dry right now and I can tell how drying accutane is (I am on a moderate dose - 40mg). Good luck!
  9. I think you are fine starting off on 30mg to begin with given your size. I am on 40mg and I weigh 115lbs. I have been on that dosage from the start and am now in my 4th month. The plan is to take one more month with no plans to increase my dosage. I would have faith in the study, the goal is to get you clear so they may play with your dosage month to month. My derm's office told me that some people stay at 40mgs the entire time and they are bigger than me. It depends on how you respond to
  10. Aquaphor is made by Eucerin. I think it is the same product just sold under the name Eucerin up north. It's my fave for lips - good luck finding it!
  11. I think I now understand what is going on. Your bloodwork consists of two things: (1) a full blood panel and (2) the pregnancy test. The nurse may be alluding to the simple blood work that needs to be done so they can monitor how accutane affects your system (liver, cholesterol, etc.). The pregnancy tests are the most important piece of the puzzle because your derm's office must confirm with ipledge you are not pregnant before you can fill your prescription. Since you are in your 30 day w
  12. I am trying to understand what you have done here with your bloodwork. I am assuming you are in your 30 day waiting period. You will need 2 negative pregnancy tests, 30 days apart, before your derm can confirm you in ipledge and you can get your prescription. So, if you have an appointment on 11/23 - you will need to get bloodwork done that morning. Remember, your 7 day window to fill your prescription begins on the day of your bloodwork, not your appointment, so watch your days carefully.
  13. Until you get your Chopsaver, get some aquaphor. It's the only thing that has saved my lips. Good luck.
  14. The key is to moisturize religiously. When the rashes broke out on my hands, forearms and shoulders in early month 2, I had to moisturize 2x day. It went away and now I moisturize 1-2 times per day. I use a body milk lotion by La Roche Posay. Find something extremely hydrating. Good luck.