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  1. the olay night cream doesn't work for me. my skin is still dry. guess i am not going to use it anymore
  2. I have very dry and sensitive skin due to accutane last time. Recently, I have try the sample of olay regenerist serum. I apply it on my skin after cleansing my face and my own moisturizer on top. It helps to minimise the pores and the red acne scars fade a little, overall giving my face a smoother look. However, my biggest problem is always dry skin. It did not helps to moisture my face enough which also causes small break outs, almost like rashes. The small break outs is not caused by the pr
  3. I just started using clindagel today. Before I purchase it, i asked the doctor whether there are any side effects and he said hardly. But when I did some research on it, the side effects are shocking but reported to be rare cases. If this gel is good, I was thinking of using it long term. Will this be ok? Anyone here has been using this for long?