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  1. I'm 16 and have suffered from acne since I was 12 or 13. It got especially severe this last year, and I finally got help. Accutane has worked incredibly well for me so far (except for the $500 a month fee...) and I'm so glad I'm on it. Here are my pics so far! Feel free to message me or comment or anything- I'd appreciate it!
  2. Teardrop by Massive Attack. orrr maybe... Crystal by Fleetwood Mac (or the version by just Stevie Nicks)
  3. I TOTALLY agree. I always hear dermatologists saying that it doesn't matter if you chow down on sugar and fat, etc....and that it has nothing to do with acne. It really is a bunch of crap. So glad i'm not the only one who thinks so. By the way, you're looking awesome
  4. just chillin..welcome to the org

    1. not too much, you?

      1. what's goin on

        1. it most definitely did not for me. what a waste of money.