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  1. Accutane is fat soluble. I count calories, so I know exactly how many grams of fat I get. My question is how much is enough? I only eat once a day but a lot at once. Fat is usually around 60-70 grams around 85 kg bodyweight. Is that much fat too little for 40 mg of accutane to absorb?
  2. I use a pea protein shake. It's $15 for a 2 pound jar and it's free of allergens and sweeteners. Yea 1800 is pretty low. You should at least get enough calories to maintain your weight. I've been thinking about trying coconut oil or coconut milk. Have you had it before? Is the taste tolerable? Ever since I started counting calories and realized how little I was eating, I started eating longer, more meals, AND bigger meals. So that doesn't really single out anything. It seems like even if I ate
  3. Yeah I think I'm stopping it too. You're right they are tiny bumps and there's a ton of them. Like super tiny whiteheads but you can't really pop them. Fucking doxy...
  4. Is it fine to eat cheese and cottage cheese on the same day I take doxy (not with the same meal)? Lets say I take doxy in the morning on empty stomach and eat 2 hours later (dairy) and take it again in the evening 4 hours after my last meal? Should I drop dairy out?
  5. I started doxy today at 200mg a day. I've only taken the morning dose so far and already looks like it made me break out. I previously only had some inflammation around my nose that I couldn't get rid of, so I went on doxy). This is my first time. There have been around 10 tiny whiteys around my mouth and nose that have appeared (my usual problem area). They are really tiny but loooks like more are on the way. This is the opposite effect of what I was looking for. I loved azithromycin - i
  6. One should not drink directly from the package... That's great, there's a chance I haven't got a real cold then.
  7. Just wondering if my sore throat could be the result of drinking 2l of yogurt yesterday. I hadn't had yogurt in a long time before that... Maybe a die off or something like that?
  8. Just wondering as I've used Dan's 10% AHA for years and it finally stopped working. I've started using a 15% cream and doing weekly 20 or 30% peels, and also 10% BHA. Peels should be as effective as creams, correct?
  9. I feel you bro. Things to try: - oral antibiotics - I've done a few 3-day Azithromycin cycles and it worked really well every time - antihistamines like zyrtec. you might see a decrease in inflammation. works for me - electric razor. looks like you've got lots of acne around the beard area. - AHA and BHA peels and creams (I don't recommend bp it's terrible) - get some sun or use a tanning bed. (only sun works for me for some reason though) - stop using your current products. doing nothin
  10. I use AHA regularly on my forehead and have for years. It was more effective than the regimen (didn't work on forehead).
  11. Would it be a good idea to use 10% liquid BHA as spot treatment? The product I have is meant to be washed off after 5 minutes since it's a peel. However it seems very mild and might be safe to use as spot treatment (no washing off). Opinions?
  12. I just bought a braun series 7. It says I have to shave against the grain. Is it safe?
  13. It keeps my forehead 100% clear and I love it. I think the skin has thinned to some degree but I can live with that. I do have atopic dermatitis (eczema) or something like that on my cheeks. I've heard that TANNING BEDS can be really beneficial to that condition. Since AHA can make my skin more susceptible to sunburns, do you think it's safe to use a tanning bed? Will my forehead fall off? I haven't had any problems in the summer time, but the sun isn't that hot here either... Nor have I ever
  14. I take zyrtec and I've noticed that the red marks on my skin take like 3 times longer to heal! Anyone notice that?
  15. I always fall asleep on my back, but when I wake up I am usually sleeping on the inside of my arm. I suspect that doing it is responsible for the trapped pores on my upper cheek bone (below the eye) and the area around it. How can I control what I do during the sleep? Possible solutions are tying my hands (lol) and wearing a long sleeved shirt or something. Any ideas?