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  1. Um...no tretinoin is not sold OTC as you mentioned with adapalene...that’s a retinoid yes in differin. Wrong name ...so you’re the one not up with the times on that. Um, I said this forum encourages strong peels at home scares me..this is not YouTube so why should I address that? For the record I’d pass on any video from a derm or other skincare professional trying to teach me how to peel my face from a video.. Hehe, the vinegar and lemon comment from you is plain silly ...
  2. robinclooney

    Before & After

    You look beautiful!
    • robinclooney

      Tretinoin question about closed comedones.

      Hey! I just battled an eight month long malassezia, yeast breakout from Hell..the damn bumps don’t respond to any typical acne meds and the treatment to kill off the overkill of yeast was brutal and left my skin grey, flat and it completely stopped turning over new skin cells...so problem number two and this is where I’m hoping you get some help from my purge battle with a compounded Rx of trentinoin, azelic acid ( Rx is Finacea, 15% ) plus niacinimide to heal the damage from my skin barrier m
    • robinclooney

      Fish Oil was working, but stopped

      Hi! Your supplements sound like mine..I’ve been diligently researching this and I’ll share what I found out from two medical aestheticians trained in the UK and France. Both are smart, know their products, ingredients, what not to do more than any derm I’ve ever seen. Both are popular, thousands and thousands of followers on blogs, vlogs, or when they make a personal appearance. Fish oil.. I didn’t know about that one until one of them mentioned it and exactly how much they take and how lo
    • Hi all! Im not an MD just getting that out first off...but! There is no way any derm worth their salt would suggest the following! 1) buying Retin-A and other treatments from eBay!!!! So not cool! 2) suggesting people should do***extremely strong, deep professional grade peels*** AT HOME? I almost fainted at the suggestion of someone doing a TCA cross peel at home! On a forum where we are asking each other for advice on the basic levels, suggesting burning our skin (hey, yours, too!) f
    • I think your skin looks beautiful! It looks more red and pissed off than hyper pigmentation from here...have you talked to your derm about finacea? Girl, make sure to take care of that gorgeous skinny n..when you get older you’ll thank me...spf and retinoids are your friend!
    • robinclooney

      How do I treat this?

      Those red spots you mean? I can’t see close enough in the pic, they look like either little red or brown spots from my view
    • Not a fair overview of this treatment..it does say “prescription* treatments..the Rx is finacea 15%, just.saying.

      I don’t have MD behind my name, but! this info on azelic acid does not apply in my experience to the Rx finacea..now what you get from eBay or Amazon yeah I get that, but overall it’s a disservice to the acne.org community *not* to cover azelic acid as finacea....
    • I think it’s great that you have the resources to repair the damage from acne and bring your skin to what I bet will be fantastic final results! It’s already looking pretty damn good! This isn’t my area of expertise, so I can sit on the sidelines and cheer you on! XoXo
    • robinclooney

      Overdosing on TactuPump/Epiduo???

      Hey! I always moisturize after my topical treatment...I wait about thirty minutes for the topical to absorb first...yeah, I over medicated my face in a differin slather on fest..my skin isn’t horrible, but that itching and burning and my chin was covered in bumps...I truly looked like I went to town with bleach or something..just working my topicals slowly back into my routine...and I’m getting a third opinion soon so hopefully this derm will let me say one word! The past two were rude, rude k
    • robinclooney

      Not washing face for a week!

      Good luck and I’ll follow along to see what you think in your blog...
    • robinclooney

      Acne is ruining my life

      Thank you so much! I Will go and look for those products today and thank u for the kind words I needed them and I truly appreciate it. Let me know how it works for you! And you are a doll inside and out...remember that always..I think those peeps that throw out such rude and untrue comments to others have a bigger problem with themselves! They suck, you don’t! Win!
    • robinclooney

      Duac and AHA+ glycolic acid?

      Since duac isn’t a retinol you can use them in conjunction..I wouldn’t do them all together every single day, but stick with the duac to kill the surface bacteria and the bp can do it’s job..then work the glycolic in maybe start at 3x per week...but I have no idea how sensitive your skin is, so you’ll know when your skin has had too much....I totally agree with all acids in those with flawless skin even..it gets that dead sticky layer to shed faster so the medicine can penetrate deeper into thos
    • robinclooney

      Blind Pimples

      Hey, just dont use the cortisone cream cream long term...it thins out the skin, but for short term use I’m using it for the past week...good luck and looking forward to hearing back!
    • robinclooney

      Need some help

      Big cost factor!