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  1. I already posted the possible(only?) cure to oily skin in your own other thread.
  2. like? unless you force the body to signify thirst(exercise, hot weather, etc), inputs not needed by the body will simply be wasted and can leech away nutrients.
  3. The experiment: 30-45minutes of continuous sunlight after lunch(~12:30pm). I don't plan on wearing any makeup/sunscreen/moisturizer/hat.
  4. hmm, it could be your blood sugar is too low... careful with vinegar. Taking it before meals safeguards against this but putting it over everything you drink can have adverse effects.
  5. don't use it on your face, i don't see how it can be of any help =/
  6. seems like you found the best environment suited for your body
  7. what you mentioned is fine(the one with 5% acetic acid) why before a meal? it reduces your blood sugar and insulin spikes that occur after meals.
  8. QT3.14: oh, i too notice the reduction in oil when using moisturizer(regular and oil based). But this doesn't mean the skin is generally dehydrated. The only sure-fire way in ridding of oily skin is to reduce BF % to 10 or less, at least this is what I have found. Or if you can take better control of your insulin(not saying it is insulin causing the troubles but it is most likely something that is competing with the levels of insulin). For example, anaerobic exercise(like jump rope w/ resting in