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  1. Yeah that was a pretty unfortunate spelling error. XD I, too, am an atheist. As such, I admit my eye twitches a bit when I hear things like prayer healing acne. However, as someone else here said, it is acne that is the enemy here. If you feel you want to fight it with prayer, hey, whatever works for you right? And for the atheists out there who disagree with them, let us remember that the placebo effect is a very strong thing. Here's to inner peace!
  2. If that's all you're doing (simple regimen is good) then perhaps you should look into red mark treatments. Go to the forum and look around. I have the exact same problem with never having that many active pimples at a time, but just having lots of red marks. It LOOKS like the acne is bad. Find something to fade the red marks and I think you'll be in business. You are very handsome!
  3. Yeahhh. I might try it. c:

  4. It's been working reallllly well for everybody, I doubt there's anything to be scared of. :)

  5. Awe I'm sorry to hear that. D:

    I was interested in taking it, but now I'm scared. lol.

  6. Not well. I had to stop. Everything was good, then a week into taking niacin I broke out everywhere. I worked to hard to let niacin ruin it lol

  7. How is it treating you O: ?

  8. Oh sorry I missed your comment! Yeah I'm taking niacin.

  9. Hey You! :]

    I read a post that you're taking Niacin?


  10. Oh, haha I've been hearing good things about niacin as well. I just started taking it a few days ago. =P That'd be great if you could find a good, dependable supplement since you're doing this type of regimen. The more internal/health-related solutions for you, the better I'm sure.
  11. What a workout routine! I love exercise. Have to watch out for that sweat, though. Gotta make sure to get a shower immediately after I'm done. And I think BP is pretty itchy (i.e. On the Spot). That's probably to be expected.
  12. This is always such a cool concept. Makes sense, right? Take care of yourself, and your body will take care of your skin. I tried this once but in a matter of days panicked and quit. My reasoning behind that was that I'm still a teenager (with raging hormones, right) so leaving my skin alone to fend for itself seemed like a bad idea. That doesn't mean, however, that I don't think it can work. I'd say if you're going for it, GO for it. Commit to it and don't back down.
  13. Indeed you may need to try around. That being said, I second amukaoen as far as Olay Complete (the sensitive skin formula). It's the first moisturizer outside of the FOTE aloe gel that I've had in ages that doesn't cause me to break out. It feels nice, has spf, is affordable, and moisturizes well.
  14. Indeed my bottle of niacin describes itself as "metabolism support". "...released from inositol hexanicotinate by the body's own enzymes. Niacin nutritionally supports cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range."
  15. Agreed. Besides, when we start messing with our biology, it's natural we're going to have to be willing to accept some potential side effects and whatnot.