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  1. Well you probably shouldn't turn attractiveness into a contest. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Different men have different preferences.
  2. If you were a guy I would tell you to let it slide. Exactly how long ago did you send the request? Like four days ago... but the thing is you can tell with FB when someone rejects/ignores your request because after you send it it will say friend request pending on there page until they either accept it or reject it. If they reject it, it goes back to add as friend. And that is what it went back to now... That seems kind of weird he would reject your request especially if you're friends.
  3. I know acne sucks..... but I really don't think you should use it as an excuse to skip class. Iv'e had to go to countless classes during a breakout. Last semester I had to give a speech during my worst breakout of the year. Not only that but I was wearing a suit and it was really hot so I was sweating like crazy. I wanted to diee. But I did it and got an A (: If you have acne you're going to have to learn to operate in the world with it.
  4. haha.... I don't think that ever crossed my mind. What if people noticed your acne anyways? Now you have acne and a booger. not the best first impression! lol.
  5. You could try Dan's regime with Benzoyl Peroxide.
  6. I'd make that same vow, but I don't think my acne would obey it. /:
  7. ya that makes sense thanks ;)

  8. ugh... I feel like that guy from Something About Marry! :/ I just have to start stealing people shoes.
  9. yeah BP will dry your face. just use like a moisturizer or jobjo oil. try not to use too much because it can clog your pores and cause more acne. When your done using BP in the morning or night make sure your skin is comfy and not dry and irritated. Eventually your skin will get use to the BP and you can apply BP without it really drying.

  10. They should heal in time, but probably not anything overnight unless you want to use makeup. but yeah you really did murder those pimples. lol.
  11. Is it possible to get a white head on your eyelid. on my eyelid I have this bump and it's kind of swollen up. There's no white head just a bump and kind of swollen. I guess your know your acne is bad when you can see it in your peripheral vision.
  12. ok um dans bp is drying my acne out but i thot that was good. i use jojoba oil. but isnt bp spose to dry ur face out??

  13. i just started dans products a week ago but they arent working so far =( any tips?