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    I enjoy ALOT of things, I really like homecooked meals, summer, swimming, soccer, lifting weights, and having a good time with friends. : )
  1. I have used a honey as a simple mask. I believed it really did nothing like other websites said. It didn't sooth my skin, at all. But, it might work for others. Has anyone tried it? Thanks. -Aaron
  2. ----------- WOW! THANKS SO MUCH! Okay, I'll think I'll just throw the 2% salycylic acid, but should I keep the 0.05% foam cleanser?
  3. Is this a good regiment? 1. Cleanser (0.05% salicylic acid) 2. Gel (2% benzoyl peroxide) 3. Gel (2% salicylic acid) 4. Moisturize (oats extract formula) THANKS! For your time!?