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    I'm Jake.<br />I like a lot of stuff which includes, but is not limited to:<br />Hockey! Go Penguins!<br />Studio Art.<br />Graphic design.<br />Photography.<br />Music, I play drums, bass, and guitar.<br />Living a life free from drugs and alcohol.<br />Reading.<br />Tattoos.<br />Piercings.<br />
  1. personally I don't drink at all, but I'd say just avoid it, I just finished my 5 month course, and all I can say is avoid anything that will draw the process out, if your dermatologist doesn't recommend that you drink alcohol then just avoid it. Trust me, making the process as quick and painless as possible is exactly what you want.
  2. So day 155, still waiting to get home to get back on accutane and finish my first month up. But here is an idea of my progress while on accutane. The pictures are all mixed up, but you'll still get the idea.
  3. Day 154: Well it's day 154! So I know it's been months since I've updated this, but I've been really busy having a great time and not worrying over my face anymore. I haven't been on accutane in a few days because I've had a huge problem with getting blood work done up here at college. BUT, everything is clear, it has been for about a month now, just I might just stay off it. It's been 5 months now and I am 100% satisfied with the results I've got from accutane.
  4. they are going awesome! hopefully things are going good for you too! Day 99! Tomorrow will be my 100th day! Wow, I am so close to being done with the course. So glad about that. Things are going well too, no new actives, my face is clear except for some annoying red marks, you'll see in the pictures, but other than that things are awesome.
  5. Day 92: Day 92! Almost to triple digits. Time really is flying by, I got my supply of accutane and I'm starting my 4th month. I'm hoping that these few red spots that I have left over will start to clear up a little better in the upcoming month. But, aside from that I haven't had any new actives for a few weeks now, So I am psyched on that. I swear I'll post new pictures sometime within the next week when I'm not busy.
  6. Day 85: Well it's been a long long time since I've posted anything at all. But since my last post things have been great. I have no actives on my face, everything is almost totally clear as well, aside from some red marks, I'm just about done with my third month, and now moving into my fourth, and I could be more happy with how everything has turned out for me. I probably won't update this as frequently because I haven't worried about my face at all lately, well sometimes, but rarely. So hope ev
  7. Day 68:I've been super busy with college lately, so I haven't really got a chance to update, so here are pictures from today, things are finally starting to clear up I guess. Pretty sweet.
  8. So I'm full aware of the precautions about getting a piercing while on accutane, no need to reiterate them to me. But I was wondering if anyone on here got their nose pierced while on accutane and didn't have major set backs? I want to get my double nostril done, and I know the ins and outs I have tattoos plugs piercings so I know how it works, but I don't want two huge red spots around the piercings. So if anyone has had success with getting their nose pierced while on accutane let me know!
  9. Day 59: Well I'm about two months into my course now, and third of the way done. Things are starting to clear up I guess, I still have some stuff going on that I don't like around my mouth and chin/jawline, but other than that all I have are red marks. My forehead has been clear for about a week now knock on wood. We'll see where things go in the third month.
  10. So from now on i'll try and do pictures every day, that way I can really see what kind of results I'm getting.
  11. Yeah man it definitely does suck a whole bunch. But I have noticed results the only thing that sucks is that it's up and down, like things clear up one day and are terrible the next day, I'm just confident that by the end of september things will start to clear up for good. Day 57: Well, it's day 57, had a few new actives on my face today, woooooooooo hooooooooo. So I'm almost 8 weeks in and I'm still breaking out haha ooh the irony. But I don't know I'm not really caring too much at this poin
  12. Day 56: Well things are on the fence, they seem like they are doing better, but still not all that great, college is going pretty well, glad to be back and see everyone. I've been working on eating healthy and drinking lots of water, we'll see how month three goes. Anyway, here are some picture updates from like 2 seconds ago.
  13. Day 56: Well officially the first day of classes, I am breaking out really bad, so I am now on prednisone to help with everything. I'm glad to see everyone again, but I am miserable about my face.