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  1. wantstobeclear

    Madielle's accutane log : )

    Your acne sounds like mine. Mine is persistent as well, and it seems like nothing works for it. I'm hopefully starting Accutane next month. Good luck! I hope it works me and you !
  2. wantstobeclear

    starting accutane!

    Went to my dermatologist appointment today, told my dermatologist that the products I've been using (minocycline and retin-a) are having no impact on my acne. I then asked to go on accutane, because we had discussed it a little bit during my last appointment. And he told me I could! However, I unfortunately have to wait a month or maybe 2 before I can actually start. Which really bums me out because I want to start it before school starts. Oh well. I got blood work taken about an hour ago an
  3. wantstobeclear

    Last Summer 2007

    This is when my acne was not bad at all. I would say it was mild and I think I was using duac and differin or maybe just differin.