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  1. This, it's water soluble so it doesn't do extra to eat any more.
  2. are you awesome?

  3. That sucks you got two pimples but I gotta ask, why are you on a fat burner? judging from your belly button ring photo you already have a pretty sexy little tummy!
  4. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend and you Congrats on almost being done though! You look totally clear now, isn't it amazing what accutane can do? I just got done recently myself and my lips are still a little chapped but hopefully that is totally gone soon too.
  5. I haven't been to a tanning bed but I started back in july so I was outside in the sun a lot and got a natural tan while on accutane. I know it's not what you were looking for but thought I would tell you nothing happened to me in the sun (no sunscreen a lot of times) so you'll probably be alright.
  6. You're supposed to start doing that on day 10, so start doing that tomorrow Seriously though, you're still really early in your regimen so don't get discouraged yet. You might start seeing results soon since your acne looks pretty mild but some people don't see results for a very long time. The first thing I remember noticing is that my nose became less oily.
  7. Yeah, i love taking a shower. You come out feeling so relaxed and clean I LOVE watching food network! Lots of people seem to hate bobby flay because his voice annoys them but I'm kind of indifferent, I'll watch him if he's on. Who is your favorite on food network? Mine is probably Alton. I love his wacky little skits he does to show how different things work and also the fact that he normally does pretty simple recipes.
  8. I work at the factory where they make airheads candy (engineering co-op) and we did some promotional stuff for that movie and they did an advanced screening for us and I couldn't bring myself to watch it for free :P Also, you should already feel really good. Can't see a lot in your pics but you definitely look pretty hot :ninja: And I would definitely suggest being careful if you drink, I drink just as much as I did before tane now but I started off slowly to make sure nothing was gonna
  9. I personally shower every day but I don't wash my hair every day. I don't get anything too nasty in my hair on a regular basis so I don't think shampooing every day is a must while on tane.
  10. Exactly what I do. I'm a guy so I just splash water on my face, I have washed it with soap like twice since I started (back in July) and it dried me out like crazy both times.
  11. Good luck on getting started! Also you should be pretty clear by march judging from my own experiences and most of the people on here. some people have it stick around for a while but most clear up in the first two months.
  12. I have a friend and his GF works for Victoria's Secret hehe. She works at the call center though I think, not at an actual store. Good luck with the interview. Good to hear you're clearing up! Accutane is amazing, I'm really kicking myself for not having started it earlier but at least I'm clear now
  13. Right below my lower lip is the only place I get pimples any more too, I think it is from rubbing aquaphor/vaseline on my lips and getting on the skin right next to the lips. At least it seems like that in my case at least so I normally don't put it on any more unless I have access to a mirror. And about the milk, I personally think you and pedro are both wrong. Milk in a bag is just weird no matter how fatty it is! silly canadians
  14. WOW! those are some seriously awesome results! your face looks great. I personally haven't noticed a difference in my drinking since I've started accutane, at first I tried to cut back but now I just drink like I did pre-tane. oh well :lol:
  15. Awwww, I love dirty jokes PM Please! Good luck with getting started on tane though. I personally didn't have a problem with it but seems a lot of people do, especially women. I called in june 30th I think it was and was starting by july 16th.