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  1. Hey there! I was wondering if you were still on DKR and how it was working for you?

    1. staceyrella

      3 months on the Regimen

    2. staceyrella

      3 months on the Regimen

      Even if I'm just spot treating with the AHA? Olay says non-comedogenic on the bottle.. but who knows. I'm only half done my bottle and it's what I started with. I haven't switched it up yet because I have extremely oily skin andI have a horrible time finding a moisturizer with SPF that doesn't turn me into a grease ball. Any suggestions?
    3. staceyrella

      3 months on the Regimen

      So, like I said I am in my 3rd month of the Regimen. These are the products I am using: Day Acne.org Cleanser Acne.org BP (full dose) Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Combination/Oily (zinc oxide formula) Night Acne.org Jojoba Oil Rinse (to remove make-up) Acne.org Cleanser Acne.org BP (full dose) Acne.org Moisturizer + 2-3 drops of Jojoba Oil Acne.org AHA (spot treatment) - using it all over hasn't really helped my skin at all. I am not yet clear but I'm not totally frustrated (
    4. staceyrella


      We're on the same page! I've been on the Regimen for about a month and I've had the AHA+ for about that time as well. But I just used it for the very first time tonight as my moisturizer. I feel and see a difference in my skin after only a few hours! I love it. Totally worth the wait. Good luck to you!
    5. Hello there, welcome to acne.org

      1. staceyrella

        Regimen Progress

        This is an album of pictures documenting my "adventure" on the Regimen.
      2. staceyrella

        Laurie Jay's Regimen Log

        What supplies are you using, Laurie?