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  1. I would go as long as you can without washing your hair. When I did wash it I would leave a deep conditioner on overnight. Also try to avoid heat styling as much as possible.
  2. I also used head and shoulders smooth and silky and it works great. You can also try massaging some jojoba oil into your scalp before you shampoo. It feels great and helps with itching.
  3. Thanks for your encouragement! I shouldn't expect perfect skin, and my skin has improved. I just didn't anticipate all the scarring I now have but i guess its better to deal with then acne. I also have 3 cysts that just won't go away. I'm trying to stay positive and I'm on the highest dosage I can be on for my body weight so I guess I may need another treatment if things don't get better soon.....
  4. I'm very discouraged at the moment. I'm almost done with month 5 of being on amnesteen and my face still isn't clear. It's better, but not what I expected. Its red, scarred, and I still have little pimples everywhere. I'm sick of the dry lips and nose. Should I continue my treatment and change my face routine or just give up and try other options?
  5. So today is day 49ish. Skin is ok at the moment. Still a little bumpy and 2 gross cysts. If it wasn't for the cysts I'd be happy. My skin tone is still bad though but now its red instead of pink and purple so I guess I should be thankful for that. Lips are annoyingly dry but its tolerable. No other side effects to report. Drank a little this weekend and got sick and I'm pretty sure the meds are to blame but I guess that's my own fault. I have to go to the derm again today for more shots and then
  6. Ugh. I'm about a month and 12 days into my course, still on 40 mg. My skin is so bad again!!!!! I'm sick of getting excited about it one week then the next these huge cysts come back!! I'm not exaggerating either they are HUGE. They just refuse to go away. I have 4 stubborn ones that just keep coming back. They are all visible at the moment. It sucks because they started coming up thursday and my derm is closed friday and today so I have to try and get in tomorrow to get injections again. I don'
  7. Things are going well since I've been on 40mg. My face is a little drier but cetaphil cream at night helps with that. Less redness and active bumps so thats been great. And no cysts at the moment I've been getting compliments that my face is looking better so I'm very happy. I guess I've just been so busy with school I haven't been thinking about my face as much. Its nice to have distractions. I'm hoping to be clear by the end of my 2nd month.
  8. Things have been so busy with just starting school I haven't updated in awhile. I'm about a month in and things are going pretty well. I went to the derm yesterday and now I'm on 40mg a day instead of 20mg. I hope this helps with the huge cysts I keep getting. Other than the cysts my face is looking pretty good. The redness is going away and I have less little bumps. I keep having to go get injections and I dont think that they get rid of my cysts completely. I'm still following the same routine
  9. I've been on accutane almost a month and I use aloe before my moisturizer. I think it helps with your skin tone but it definetly doesn't moisturize enough. I use it morning and night then wait about 5-10min then apply a thicker moisturizer.
  10. I was put on yaz last month and got my regular period. I started accutane this month also and I just finished the inactive pills of yaz and still no period. Should I be concerned or is this normal? Oh and I know for sure I'm not pregnant so thats not the issue.......
  11. Day 22. Things are not going well at the moment. I'm pretty sure I started the dreaded IB since I've been of prendizone. I just have little tiny bumps everywhere!!!! Sooo depressing. After getting the shots on my cysts they seem to have gone down but left a big red mark where they were. I'm worried this means that they aren't fully gone and will come back up again. I also have some new tiny cysts on the sides of my nose and a big cyst on my forehead. I'm just trying to be patient but this is har
  12. Day 17 and things are pretty bad at the moment. I have 3 huge cysts on my face. One is a recurring one that just will not leave even after 2 shots and its on my left cheek. I have a very painful one on my chin that came up a few weeks ago but went away on its own so I'm hoping it will do that again. Another one on my right cheek in almost exactly the same spot as my left cheek.......strange. Have to go see my derm again, I guess he is just going to inject them. I know he is using a weak solution
  13. I'm so frusterated at the moment. I have 2 huge cysts on my cheek that just will not go away!!! I'm about 2 1/2 weeks into my accutane course. I had one cyst before I started accutane and got cortizone shots in it. I've done this 2 times and it goes down for a few days then comes back up. I also recently got another one that does the same thing. They are both in the exact same spot on my 2 cheeks which i thought was odd. Anywasy does anybody have any suggestions on what I can do? As you probably
  14. Yeah your derm should of registered you and had you fill out all the necessary paperwork. You have to be registered in the program for 30 days before you can pick up your perscription. You also have to get monthly blood tests and pregnancy tests. I'm sorry to hear that your derm did not take care of this for you like he/she should have.
  15. 2 weeks into treatment!! I'm very happy with my results so far and I've even had people asking me what I'm doing because my skin is looking much better My overall skin tone is getting better and I don't have any huge pimples any more, just little ones. I've noticed a couple little new ones in the past few days but nothing to get upset over. I saw my derm last wednesday and he was impressed with my results so far too. I did have to get shots on a few cysts though. They are stubborn ones that I