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  1. Hello every body, and sorry for my english its bad i know. I had comedon acne like for 3 years or more. It was realy bad , in sun, in day light, everybody could see them , they were like scars on my face. But now its all gone, i dont have nothing on my face skin anymore. But for 2 and a half years i had this problem with my nose. I had this pimple on my nose, its not red , but you can see it . And the sadest thing is that my nose is oily , it has oily skin , i have black heads on my nose , i
  2. well nothing ? No suggestions ?
  3. Ok , i have this like a pimple , bump on my nose i had that bump on my nose for about 2 years i think , and i cant get it off. My nose is noily and it had these blach heads i try to clean them to , i had the black heads all the time , since the bump on my nose showed up. The size of its like a tic tac , but rounder and a little bit smaller. But the point is that you can see it in the sun or other bright places. You cant pop it , nothing come out , when i try to pop it , only blood comes out a
  4. lineone


    pimples on my chin help to get rid of them !
  5. Ok , i need help , i have these pimples , but they are only on my chin on the both sides of my chin , in the middle there are clean skin. There is no oily spots on my skin as well. Here are some pictures , i taked photos only from one side , which is worser then the other side , the other side has only some pimples . You can see the pimples only then when i kinda strech my chins skin , but when its not streched it looks like some kinda scars some thing like that. But those are not scars ! Her