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  1. It's normal for it to feel acidic going down. Oils are acidic. If its itching and still bothers you after drinking some water then it could be the sal. An allergic response shouldn't be so immediate.
  2. The difference between the sal in food and aspirin is in concentration. Aspirin is a high concentration of sal, in a very small dose. It has greater potential to cause a reaction, which is why I recommend testing with it. Furthermore, aspirin is man-made and the fillers etc in addition to the high amounts of sal can cause mucous lining irritation. For most people the sal in food is not enough to cause a problem but for those who are sensitive to it, even relatively low amounts can cause a rea
  3. I also get the tongue pain with kiwi. I did some research on the subject and I think we have an allergy to an enzyme called Actinidain. Found in fruits including kiwifruit (genus Actinidia), pineapple, mango, banana and papaya. Possible reaction symptoms: sweating, tingling and sore mouth or throat; swelling of the lips, tongue and face; rash; vomiting and abdominal pain, heartburn; and, in the most severe cases, breathing difficulties, wheezing and collapse. The most common symptoms are unplea
  4. I'm looking more into GAPS now. So this diet can actually "fix" sensitivities, in the sense that it heals the gut? I think we all have the same thing going on here. I also get itchy in the bottom part of my face in the jawline area and I have been getting acne there more than anywhere (possibly hormonal?). I also have strange allergies/sensitivities to things such as: bananas, apples, cherries, pears, melons, plums, nectarines, peaches, avocado, cucumbers, dates, possibly kiwi, mint. Most
  5. Right. If you didn't notice hives or rashes or discomfort when taking aspirin, then you can probably rule out salicylates If you're really serious about getting better you could also try an elimination diet. (not sure if gaps is the same) I haven't done it myself but i'm meaning to
  6. I also suspect I have the same issue. Have you taken aspirin? If so, did you notice any rashes/hives around 2 hrs - 3 days after ingestion? If not then chances are pretty good that salicylates aren't your problem. Oh nearly forgot. Gut health - try colostrum, probiotics, MSM, aloe vera, healthy fats (olive oil, fish oil). I'll add more if I think of any .
  7. I think this topic is still important and my issues aren't resolved. So here's a bump.
  8. So then the consensus is: anti-inflammatory foods can prevent new acne from forming. While inflammatory triggers can worsen current acne and cause new breakouts. Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the wall of text below. (please read and respond, i'd be eternally grateful) I sleep too much (better than not enough but still not good lol). I'm working on sleeping earlier to fix my circadian rhythm (right now I am pretty much nocturnal, I try to get outside a lot but acne makes me ver
  9. OK, i've been pondering this idea for a few weeks now.. I have inflammatory acne. I hate it, it sucks, I wish it would go away. Moving on. Inflammation is the body's response to bacteria/cellular damage etc. It allows healing to take place. So wouldn't anti-inflammatory foods (which are great for chronic inflammation) and anti-inflammatory drugs (naproxen/ibuprofen), slow down or even stop healing? I ask because my current situation is i have a bunch of reddish pinkish marks that last f
  10. My seb derm has mostly gone away. The BP at night thing isn't going well. It's 2 months later and my acne is worse than it was.. I'm honestly so effing over this shit! It seemed like some progress was being made until i got food poisoning a little over a week ago. Since then i'm getting all sorts of new acne.. reduced immunity? I'm considering stopping the BP because its really slowing down healing time and I can't say its making much of a difference. Also I think I got 2 cysts (which i've
  11. I don't think Aha gives a strange look and that doesn't really answer the q. Right now I'm using bp at night and spot treating with aha and a sulfur/resorcinol cream. Then in the mornings I put aha everywhere and sunscreen after it dries. For washing I use a mild gentle cleanser with gse added by me (15ish drops). Also just started using a witch hazel toner after cleansing. Seems to be helping. I've only got one maybe 2 new pimples in the past week.
  12. Hmm, its stubble now might just keep it as is. I cut my own hair and could use the trimmer without the guard, would that be enough? Thanks, I did notice dryness and irritation, I just thought it was the BP wash. So i should ditch the cleanser and use the BP wash till the derm tells me other or gives me meds? Hmm, 3 more days Right. If you have inflammatory acne and your not sensitive to SA (including aspirin). Try a SA wash. For now just use the bp wash. Is your cleanser medicated?
  13. If you don't mind a little stubble, try using a trimmer instead. Gently shaving shouldn't be a problem though. It even helps exfoliate. I don't recommend using a cleanser and BP face wash. Use a cleanser and a medicated lotion (at the minimum). You can go all the way and use cleanser, toner, med, moisturizer. Using two different washes will dry you out and irritate your skin. Also look into exfoliation. AHA works well. BHA (salycilic acid) are good for acne too.