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  1. Well it's kinda hard to deal with it all...she JUST sent me this message. "Sowie, I told you I have no emotions for you anymore, I mean yeah I love you, but like a friend, promise." So I guess were done for good but I still love her and miss her a bunch. I'll just try and not worry about it and just try to get my face cleared up for the new place I'm moving to =/.
  2. well it really doesn't matter anymore...she's all hormonal and having mood swings wether she wants me or not but I guess it doesn't make much of a difference since I'm moving in 7 days. I miss her alot though. I'm gonna try and drink alot of water then...maybe that's my problem. Oh and I've been washing my face like 3 times daily but I downgraded to a softer cleanser so my skin doesn't get irritated.
  3. Okay so for the past 3 or 4 weeks I've been waiting here for my GF to get back from vacation. During that time I have managed to get moderate acne on my cheeks and chin of mainly all papules. I've tried everything I could to clear them up and it was working until I woke up one morning and it had gotten exponentially worse. My GF got back from the states about 2 days ago and I've been ignoring her because I didn't want to see her like this. This morning we had a big fight and I ended up breaking
  4. Well you see i've been doing this treatment 2 or 3 times a day for the past 3 weeks and it was going okay until I had this random breakout. I've popped a couple pimples that looked semi-mature and put anti-biotic cream on them so they don't get infected but I think I'll try some ice and see if I can get them to come down a little. Right now they are like red lumps so I'm guessing they are infected but I'm not really sure. I just don't have time to screw around cause only have like 12 days with h
  5. bump bump bump...I really need help people =S. I just made a cocktail with BP 10%, antibiotic cream and face moistureizer so hopefull that'll help
  6. Oh yesss...my girlfriend comes in 2 days from vacation and I'm hesitating going and seeing her cause I look like crap atm
  7. I've had something similar to that before
  8. Alright so I posted 3 weeks ago saying that I needed to clear up my face quickly and it all looked like it was working until just yesterday. I woke up and I had had a terrible outburts of infected looking pimples so I started loading my face with BP to the point of flaky skin just to try and get rid of them and it doesn't seem to be working. The big problem is that my girlfriend comes in 3 days and I refuse to leave this house until I look moderatelly better. The second problem is that I move ou
  9. More isn't necessarily better. Well I think I can afford to use more since my skin isn't getting flaky like other people say it does. Just in the past few days I see MAJOR improvement. The acne I had on my cheeks is almost gone but I'm still having trouble with my chin =S.
  10. Alright so recently I got back from vacation and I noticed I had a small acne attack on my face. I've never had it this bad before and I need to get my face cleared up for my GF who comes in 3 weeks. I read the regimen and went to the store but I was only able to find BP 10% since I live over seas. I've started applying it twice a day and it seems to be helping but I'm scared that I won't clear up within 3 weeks. Anyone know if I should? My acne is not that bad I'm just worried it will take long