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  1. I haven't used any of the previous recommendations on the list (the La Roche Posay sounds lovely), but I can tell you what my dermatologist has me using. It's called Donell Lip Saver, and it has the consistency of a Chap Stick. It contains SPF 15 and Mucopolysaccharide Cartilage Complex.
  2. I have been on Accutane for two months now, and I take a prenatal vitamin with 50% daily value of Vitamin A for pregnant and nursing women, with no ill side effects as far as I can tell. (No, I'm not having a baby, before you ask...) I've brought up taking a multivitamin to the nurse twice now, and nobody has told me to stop, so it can't be that bad, can it?
  3. I had my eyebrows and my upper lip threaded for the 2nd time while on Accutane just the other day. After the threading, they slathered my face in Eucerin lotion, as is procedure, then they showed me the results in a hand mirror immediately after. Yes, I was red where they had worked, but that faded 45 minutes to an hour after having it done. The pain was minimal, both during and after, and I am currently enjoying my polished look!
  4. One tip that nobody has mentioned yet is to use a cool mist humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep. Also, when it you are around other people, and would look a little weird sticking a finger full of Vaseline up your nose to moisturize it, spray some saline nasal mist into each nostril. I keep a bottle of it in my purse 24/7.
  5. Liquid foundation frequently has additives and preservatives that clog pores and keep skin from "breathing." Your best bet if you are looking into liquid foundation is to look for items that say they are oil-free and noncomedogenic. Mineral foundation is a good alternative to such foundations as liquid-based or any sort of tinted moisturizer, as it is free of binders, fillers and preservatives, as well as being free of talc. I use Bare Minerals and Physician's Formula mineral foundations, eyes
  6. I have individual insurance from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Alabama, and had to pay $180 for a month's supply of Claravis at 80 milligrams per day the last time I was at CVS Pharmacy. That does not include the $40 per month co-pays for doctor visits, and the fees that apply to each monthly pregnancy blood test at the lab. But it's all worth it. My face is completely clear for the first time since I hit puberty. Viva la Accutane!
  7. My derm has me washing my face (and body) with Oilatum Cleansing Bar. With moisturizing ingredients such as peanut oil and glycerin, it always leaves your skin soft, and never stripped. I frequently don't even apply lotion after using this, it leaves my skin so smooth.
  8. This tea is available for purchase at www.eyanghealth.com
  9. I just purchased the "Pimple Solution Tea" from my local Asian food store and I can tell you from the box that it contains green tea leaves as well as herbal ingredients such as root of indigowoad, honeysuckle flower and weeping forsythia. I can't tell you if it is effective at treating acne yet though, as I just bought it, but I figure it's worth a shot. I will post a further reply at a later date to report on how well it works. Wish me luck!