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  1. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stay awayyyyyyyy from the tea tree oil IT DOES WORK with drying out acne dont get me wrong but with BP it just irritates it sooooo bad your gonna end up worse, trust me with this, stick to the regimen and you will be glad you did, tea tree oil actually breaks me out, it may not with you but i suggest you stay away
  2. Ive been using it for just over 2 years, I only use one pump once at night, in the morning I use salicylic acid, I found that its more about keeping your skin clean and washing your face right and keeping your pores clean
  3. I suggest you switch to Cetaphil moisturizer, making this change was the best decision I made, and yes go crazy at night with the jojoba oil it works wonders Also I have read that Dan's new moisturizer takes ALOT more for it to be effective FYI
  4. Its not necessary at all, I only use one pump once a day, some people need 2 or 3 pumps twice a day Its all about finding whats right for you, experiment a little, cut down and see if your skin changes, if you can get away with only one pump, your saving your BP and your not irritating you skin as much
  5. BP is FDA approved to be safe and effective, the only concern you should have is being in direct sunlight with BP USE SUNSCREEN !!!! or else then your in trouble
  6. Something I noticed is that after a certain amount of time you pay less attention to how your applying the BP, and how well your actually following the regimen properly I broke out after about a year due to lack of paying attention, and rushing through it morning and night One thing that may have affected you is the period of time where you did not use BP (while on vacation), although your skin may have looked good on the surface, a whole lot of junk could of built up under your skin and when
  7. I don't believe it's the BP. I have use moisturizers before that did the same thing, sans BP. Also it's not so much a feeling like I got something in one eye but more like I walked into a smoky room. (I am highly allergic to smoke.) It' s both eyes burning at the same time, every time, very suddenly, w/o me touching my face, and long after the moisturizer has been applied. Even several hours later. HOWEVER, I have found that adding jojoba oil to the moisturizer helps IMMENSELY. So m
  8. I started phasing out the cleanser and moisturizer quite early on actually, when i ran out of the cleanser is when i replaced it with SpectroGel cleanser. Its a bit pricey, here in Canada around $10 but it lasts quite some time and they have multiple types. One for dry skin, one for sensitive, oily, etc. Make sure your gonna get fragrance free because fragrances will irritate your skin more. This cleanser also has moisturizing qualities in it so it wont dry your skin out. The moisturizer I re
  9. ive had mine for 2 years and no mold yet........... thats weird i thought it was good indefinitely
  10. i have some suggestions for all of you Firstly try switching up your moisturizer, i found dan's to burn my skin like you are all describing, I use Cetaphil, its light and goes on good Secondly, be sure that the BP isnt getting anywhere near your eyes, the skin around your eyes is very thin and BP alone will irritate it, and then moisturizer also just irritates it even more, try not putting BP near your eyes for a few days and ONLY putting moisturizer just to let your skin get moisturized back
  11. what are you using it for? I have used it for 2 years for light acne scarring and the odd time when i want to exfoliate my whole face but be careful, make sure your not overdoing it as it can burn like hell if you use it more than twice a day, and/or in contact with the sun and you dont wash it off, you massage it into your skin
  12. Hey everyone, I have not been on the site in quite some time but I'm reaching my 2 year mark since starting the Regimen and let me tell you this was the ONLY thing that helped me with my Acne. I tried HUNDREDS of products from the store, then came across this site and Dan's products. I watched the videos I read hundreds of posts by people saying how good it was so I did what you all should be doing and ordered his Regimen. Like most people, at first I started to doubt if it was working or go
  13. hey sorry for the late reply seriously dont stop using it !!! ive used dans products for about 2 years now and im clear as ive ever been, i have even cut down to BP once every 2 days, the worst part is becoming clear to begin with TRUST ME, but once your clear its about maintaining clean skin and not touching your face with dirty hands etc. as for purging this is true with BP, i experienced it and back when i was in your shoes i researched and found that it may or may not happen, all it is is
  14. i followed the regimen precisely twice a day for a year, it cleared me up well then when i was clear i cut down to once a day, and come to think of it i was perfectly fine, then i cut down all in all on BP and started using SA, bad move on my part my acne is back, and so is the BP, once a day though at night, i work outdoors and this stuff absolutely BURNS your skin sunscreen or not my advice to you would be (if possible) use the BP both morning and night until your clear (or moderately) then