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  1. Poor you, for some reason I find that when you breakout after a period of being clear it feels worse than when you have lots of breakouts
  2. I'm a cutter - I haven't done it in 5 months and have no plans to in the near future, but I am a cutter. Its not something that ever leaves you, its something you have to get into perspective and control. I've only ever cut for 2 reasons - first one being when I am very depressed and feeling dead inside.. cutting makes me feel alive again. Second reason is for attention. I'm not afraid to admit that I have cut for attention, when I was feeling unloved and desperate. Its not something I'm proud o
  3. Get some aloe vera gel and just cover your face in it. Dont use any harsh products or makeup till it heals, just aloe vera. Good luck.
  4. A siesta is sleeping for a while during the day right? I think that would make it tough sleeping at night. I fell asleep at 1pm for an hour today and now its nearly 1am and I am wide awake
  5. I really hope you get what you want soon Labgirl
  6. You arent the only person in the world who feels ugly and worthless. But you ARE the only person on this board who simply refuses to take any advice anyone gives you on board. I don't know why you come here when you take everything anyone says to you and give it a healthy dose of sarcasm. Whats the point in that?
  7. I got banned with every name I created, so I stopped coming here. I quit the wal-mart job within an hour or two on the first training day. Just walked out due to social anxiety. lol! Turned up again like a bad penny. Thank you for kind and thought provoking post. I'm sorry. You just dont seem to want to help yourself. You walked out after 2 hours? You need to decide if you actually genuinely want to improve your life, or if you just like the attention.