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    pictures without and with acne
  2. I decided to take accutane after being on doryx and differin for over 2 months. It didnt improve my acne much and it was more expensive together than the generic version of accutane im on now. Its been a month and im already seeing some great results . I started on 40mg and i have just the usual side effects and dry lips and just barely dry eyes. I say maybe give it a try but its something you should really be 100 percent on doing. Good luck.
  3. I was just wondering since i dont want to damage my liver. I guess taking them every night is out of the question. Is there anything else anyone can recommend as a sleep aid while on accutane.
  4. hi currently im on accutane. Its my first month and im on 40mg per day. I have trouble sleeping at night and i really need my 8 hours since my job requires a lot of physical work. I take tylenol pm but i heard thats it not good to take while your on accutane. Is that true? And if so what should i take instead?