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  1. I've been on 100 mg. of Minocyline for just about a year now, and its worked wonderfully. However, I'm quit taking it because its not healthy to stay on antibiotics for a long period of time. I was wondering what other pills there are to combat acne that aren't in the family of antibiotics. I don't have bad acne i was put on accutane about 3-4 years ago.
  2. Okay proms coming up here fairly soon, and i'm looking for a way to mask the indentions left behind from severe acne. I'm going to be wearing makeup anything you can think of would be helpful
  3. I had Juvederm injections done 6 months ago, needless to say the results weren't great. I know I have to wait a year to get laser done, but i was wondering if i had to wait for other procedures as well. I've heard about the technique of medical rolling and was wondering if it would be okay to do that?
  4. Oh... I have been there! And I know how much it really sucks!! But yea I remember one time I had started using this new cream the night before and I went to put foundation on the next morning and my face just burned like crazy, needless to say I didn't go to school that day! And worse than that my condition got so unbearable for me that I decided to home school to avoid this issue altogether! Hope your skin clears up
  5. Okay so Ive had major skin problems and this has led me to wear makeup wherever I go, I'm working on getting that fixed though with laser treatments. However for now I have problems whenever I'm making out with my boyfriend, i end up having virtually no makeup left on my face! And that makes me extremely self conscience. So i was wondering if anyone has had the similar problem and found a makeup resolution? Thanks!
  6. I'm a white female who had cystic acne cured about a year and a half ago. Though my face is still very far from being perfect. Its blotchy, red, not anywhere near the rest of my skin tone on my body. Without makeup im harshly white compared to the rest of myself, which was not the case before acne got a hold of me. I was wondering what I can do to fix this? I'm intending on having laser treatment done next May. But to be frank thats a very long time to wait when your in my skin, and time is havi
  7. While on Accutane I didn't use any topical medications, because your skin gets harshly dry! I really wouldn't reccomend you to either, if you feel as if your not making any progress i would suggest bringing this up with your derm. Also I don't think thats the point of accutane, its supposed to decrease your oil production, so therefore you will not have breakouts like you would prior to accutane. Unfortunately these cysts may last up to a month after accutane, mine did but they will go away!
  8. I really doubt it 2 months is a very brief period to be on Accutane, and your dosage was rather low.
  9. I didn't start feeling the effects of dry skin,lips til about the end of the first month! I was also on 80 mgs. and I weigh 110 lbs.
  10. um... you could try licorice extract, that's what I've been using to help with a similar problem. You can purchase it at most health food stores.
  11. Accutane 80 mgs. for 28 wks., I weigh 110 lbs. ( my acne was VERY bad.) Needless to say, I no longer have severe acne!!While on accutane i only had dry skin and lips, pretty common, nothing ever came up in the monthly bloodwork either.I would reccomend accutane to anyone with severe acne, theres no other choice, and it does its job!
  12. I have dark marks on my jawline basicaly, post acne!! I've been using licorice extract for about 2 weeks now, and I have noticed an improvement in my skins texture, but I'm not sure the dark marks have begun to fade.Any suggestions are welcome:)
  13. At the beginning of the summer this year, I was planning on having the CO2 laser procedure done, but I didn't feel comfortable with it and decided against it. For lots of reasons, first of all the doctor that was going to perform the treatment,didn't have any before and after pictures so that I could see if he was actually good at what he was doing. The doctor is an optometrist, and I'm not sure what training or qualifications he had regarding this. CO2 is an ablative procedure and I frankly did
  14. I have uneven skin and discoloration after having severe acne, this stuff has been around quite a while,over a year. I was just wanting to finally get rid of it and haven't found anything that sounds like it would do the trick.
  15. Okay I also heard about this method on the internet...It kinda freaked me out that the process basically involves me poking my face with a needle, OUCH!! I was wondering about your experiences with this, whether it worked etc...any feedback would be great!!