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  1. Okay, so I finished my 6-month Accutane treatment in January, and I'm so glad I did it! I had horrible scarring acne and unbelievably oily skin, and Accutane cleared me right up. But now... my skin is getting oily again... which was okay, at first, since my skin was super dry from the meds anyway... but it's getting worse and now it's about half as bad as before I went on Accutane (half as bad doesn't seem too terrible, but if you saw how oily my skin used to be... normal skin would only be 1/4
  2. I started accutane right before I went off to college last summer. I was pretty freaked out too about drinking. You'll be a bit more hungover the next day, but it never caused me any serious problems. You should about a week before your blood test though... your enzyme count will be all messed up and they won't give you your prescription. I drank all the time on accutane (except for a week before blood tests) and my blood results were just fine.
  3. Hey, I'm on my first month of Accutane and my first blood test since I've started will be on the 24th. I've seen some posts about how people's levels were up from taking aspirin the day before the monthly Accutane blood tests, and I was was wondering if there was anything else to avoid and for how long before the getting the bloodwork done?
  4. I'm on my third week of Accutane, and I had headaches too when I first started. Instead of drinking juice or soda, drink water. For my face I wash with Cetaphil gentle cleanser. At night I use Cetaphil's moisturizer (it's a bit thick). I haven't really found a nice lighter moisturizer for the daytime yet...I've been trying the samples I've acquired from my derm's office. Dry eyes are a problem for me...gel drops are supposed to be better, but the ones I got don't seem to help me...I like Re
  5. Yeah I got some samples of aquaphor from my derm, it works pretty well Isn't omega-3 for joints too? Or no? I'll get my father to buy some glucosamine to add to my vitamins xD
  6. well thats not that bad then

    1. Yikes, that sucks. I think I might be slightly breaking out...idk...if I am, it's not too bad...yet. My eyes are killing me though. Hella sensitive to light and theyre dry all the time

      1. yeah it sucks..now im in the phase were im more pissed off..im goin through a bad breakout and there is a big party on sat..how are you doin

        1. Haha, yeah, I think they do it so that people have a sort of time-frame when they're on it and aren't all like "omg i'm gonna be on this foreverrrr"
        2. Lol, I've tried that approach (being nice to the acne) But they're ruthless =[ I get hyperpigmentation no matter what
        3. Haha, why thank you. Yeah, it's just a pain that there's something there that needs looking past =/ I try to just keep the end result in mind

          1. nah dont worry bout it..im not tryin to come off like a smooth dude, so dont take it the wrong way..but you are so pretty, honestly, i can look past that, most people should. once you done your course on accutane i cant imagine how stunnin you'd be. just dont get down on yourself

            1. Uhhh, I think my dad had it when he was younger...but I think it was more like normal puberty acne. My mother only got the occasional pimple...lucky. Idk what the hell happened with me, lol

              1. yeah, well at our age if acne isnt treated it will leave to permenent damage then if you were 14, or 15. but damn 4th grade, do your parents have a history with acne?